Hand massage
Facial chiromassage is a special massage technique based on special techniques of the classical and oriental massage systems. In this technique, there are no strict canons of chiromassage, the specialist…

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Clasp prosthesis
In recent years, prosthetics with arch prostheses have been selected by an increasing number of patients. Now the latest materials and technologies are used in the manufacture of these structures,…

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Your beautician is Nature herself!
The trend of our time is the desire for environmental friendliness and naturalness. Today they talk a lot about natural foods, clean water, clothes made from organic natural materials. In…

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plasma therapy

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A growing number of people are striving for natural, genetically unmodified food, for natural tissues, materials. It is not surprising that the beautiful half of humanity also seeks to use in its arsenal of beauty only natural, natural components, the so-called “biocosmetics”.

Biocosmetics are cosmetics, which include products of plant and animal origin. Most modern cosmetics manufacturers focus on the fact that their composition includes only natural ingredients.

But the main question is what is the amount of these components in a given product. Some cosmetic companies use small additives of any natural ingredients as part of their products, while others build the main Continue reading

Couperosis on the face: treatment

Cuperosis is a fairly common phenomenon among the population, especially its female part. Permanent redness of the skin, spider veins or vascular reticulum is, at first glance, a common cosmetic problem that you want to eliminate and forget. However, everything is not as simple as it seems.

At risk are people with sensitive skin and those whose parents or other close relatives have experienced couperosis, since this disease can be inherited.

In addition to a genetic predisposition, couperosis can very often be one of the symptoms of diseases of the internal organs, in which damage to the vascular wall occurs. Because of this, it is very important not only to eliminate the manifestation, but to identify the cause of the appearance of this pathology on the skin. The most problematic area is the face. Most often, capillary stars are located in the cheeks, chin and nose wings. Continue reading

AFT rejuvenation and AFT therapy

We present you a new procedure – AFT rejuvenation! The procedure is performed on the latest Harmony XL device using the SSR (Skin Rejuvenation) nozzle manufactured by AlmaLasers (Israel). General information on the technique of action of AFT rejuvenation is described in the article on photo rejuvenation. Here it is appropriate to talk about the key differences of AFT rejuvenation technology, which allows us to consider it as a real breakthrough in the field of non-invasive rejuvenation.

AFT (Advanced Fluorescence Technology) is an advanced fluorescence technology. The Harmony XL SSR AFT rejuvenation system is characterized by three unique AlmaLasers patented technologies.

Key Features of AFT Rejuvenation Technology
Firstly, the AFT nozzle uses a unique system of fluorescence filters, which converts the unused radiation of the Continue reading

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How to tighten an oval face
Every woman at a certain age is faced with the problem of how to tighten the oval of the face. Some time ago, these problems were solved exclusively with the…


Laser resurfacing of scars, laser scar removal
A scar is the formation of connective tissue in the area of ​​wound healing. Scars, including those that remain after surgery, do not look aesthetically pleasing, while a person may…


Beauty no longer requires sacrifice? New in anti-age cosmetology
Of course, anti-age cosmetology is relevant, first of all, for patients who have crossed a certain age limit. And, above all, for women. Tell me, does your cosmetologist take into…