Rejuvenation of the skin around the eyes
The most common problem addressed to our center is the area around the eyes: a fine mesh of wrinkles, swelling, decreased skin turgor, crow's feet. Unfortunately, this area is the…

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Hyperpigmentation on the background of rosacea: modern methods of treatment
Hyperpigmentation and rosacea are very common diseases that are visible to people from far away and difficult to mask cosmetic skin defects. The mechanism of hyperpigmentation and rosacea The basis…

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When should cosmetic procedures begin?
At any age, you can look beautiful and young! The so-called Calendar of youth and skin health will help you navigate a huge assortment of cosmetic procedures and choose what…

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Graceful curving eyelashes

The charm of female eyes is achieved thanks to luxurious eyelashes, gracefully curved up. What to do if the beautiful lady does not have a natural curving eyelashes that so enchants everyone? Do not despair! There are several methods for framing eyelashes.

Ways to curl eyelashes
Women who want to have eyelashes curved up should decide what method of curling they want to use: using forceps, mascara, perm or heat treatment. What suits one lady is contraindicated in another. Therefore, all these methods have pros and cons. Consider the characteristics of each method of curling eyelashes. Continue reading

What is RF lifting

As a result, directed stimulation of the production of collagen and elastin is achieved, oxygen saturation of the skin cells is improved, and the lymphatic flow, which removes toxins and toxins, is enhanced. The effect of the procedure is an improvement in color and skin, an increase in skin tone and elasticity, the disappearance of the effect of “blurred” facial features.

Types of RF lifting
Bipolar is the most gentle and gentle way to correct age-related changes. Skin tissues are heated only to 45 degrees, there is no magnetic field (as in monopolar). There is no pain during the procedure.
Monopolar – this RF-lifting is carried out once. It has not only a rejuvenating effect, but also copes with fat deposits and the manifestations of cellulite on the hips and abdomen, it is harmless to the body. Continue reading

What is ultrasonic cavitation for weight loss?

Today, ultrasonic cavitation for weight loss is one of the most popular salon procedures for body shaping. This technique is also called non-surgical liposuction, because removal of adipose tissue occurs without damage to the skin.

The essence of the procedure is based on the effect of cavitation. This is a process in which bubbles form inside the fat cell, as a result of which they become softer and separate from each other. And against the background of the influence of ultrasonic waves of a certain frequency, the membrane of the fat cell is destroyed. Their contents in the form of vesicles fall into the intercellular space. Further, the lymphatic Continue reading

LPG massage what is it
Indications and contraindications Recommended Lpg massage in such cases: haggard face, swelling; facial wrinkles; double chin; cellulite; fuzzy contours of the figure and face; breeches effect; scars, scars, stretch marks;…


The tooth wall broke off, what should I do?
Clients periodically contact the clinic with this question. The answer cannot be unambiguous, it all depends on the situation, the condition of the tooth, root canals, remaining in the whole…


Laser Hair Removal with Light D Duetto, Quanta System
Laser Hair Removal with Light D Duetto, Quanta System Modern technologies make it possible to radically improve the appearance. The problem of excess hair today already has a decent solution.…