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Kegel exercises, wumbling, perineum training

Paying a lot of time and energy to the beauty of the face and body, a healthy lifestyle, we often forget about the intimate sphere, which is so necessary for health and harmony.

If you want to make your life brighter and fuller, enhance sexual intercourse for your partner, significantly change the condition of the perineum muscles, which is the first line of prevention and treatment of the initial forms of vaginal wall prolapse and urinary incontinence – this article is for you.

We draw your attention to the fact that consultations on vumbilding are conducted by an obstetrician-gynecologist Shulchina Irina Viktorovna, head of the gynecological department of the gynecology center of the Federal State Budgetary Institution Medical and Rehabilitation Center of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation

Indications for wumbling classes
Do you know that:

Dissatisfaction with sexual life is one of the six main causes of divorce.
Dissatisfaction in the intimate sphere is the main cause of betrayal
Weakening of the perineal muscles that occurs with age, during pregnancy and childbirth is the main reason for the prolapse and prolapse of the walls of the vagina and uterus, and urinary incontinence
Every 11th woman is forced to undergo surgery for prolapse and prolapse of the walls of the vagina
Over 40% of women after 40 years of age suffer from some form of urinary incontinence
What is wumbling (imbilding)?
The technique of wumbilding (imbilding) is a complex of training the muscles of the perineum using simulators. Exercises to strengthen the muscles of the vagina have been used since ancient times. The use of these practices for therapeutic purposes was first substantiated and introduced into practice by Professor Arnold Kegel (USA). Kegel’s well-known exercises are still used for women with urinary incontinence, with prolapse of the uterus, for strengthening the muscles of the vagina in order to improve the quality of intimate life.

Why train the perineal muscles?
Muscle perineum is one of the most important components of the pelvic floor. Age, changes in the hormonal background (most often associated with the onset of menopause), pregnancy and childbirth, weight lifting lead to a decrease in tone, weakening of this muscle group. This process, in turn, leads to the omission, “sagging” of the walls of the vagina and internal genital organs up to prolapse. In the initial stages of these diseases, there are no manifestations or they are minimal. Over time, further weakening of the muscles of the vagina leads to deplorable symptoms, such as urinary incontinence, rapid urination, urgent urination, gas non-retention, feces, a feeling of a foreign body in the vagina, pulling pains in the lower abdomen, recurrent inflammatory processes in the vagina and bladder. In order to avoid these problems, a wumbling technique has been created.

When is perineal muscle training especially needed?
when planning pregnancy
after childbirth
with a decrease in sensations during sexual intercourse in both partners
with a feeling of “wide” vagina during sexual intercourse, a feeling of “squelching”
with the initial forms of prolapse of the walls of the vagina
with initial forms of stress urinary incontinence
for the prevention of these diseases in the case of a hereditary predisposition, signs of connective tissue dysplasia
You have already done Kegel exercises, but did not see the effect, why?
First, Kegel exercises on their own, without the use of simulators, are useful, but ineffective. The simulator in this case plays the role of a dumbbell, which significantly increases the effectiveness of exercises aimed at strengthening the muscles of the vagina.

Secondly, it is very important that the training of the vaginal muscles proceeds correctly. Remember that improper use of home exercise equipment or improper performance of Kegel exercises can be not only ineffective, but also exacerbate the situation. Very often, during training, for the best result, consciously or involuntarily, women use the abdominal muscles, which significantly increases intra-abdominal pressure. A chronic increase in intra-abdominal pressure in turn provokes even greater prolapse of the walls of the vagina, urinary incontinence. The longer such an imaginary building continues, the faster the disease progresses.

Very often, various wumbilding courses provide general, average wumbilding lessons without examining a woman, assessing the condition of the perineum for the presence of drooping of the walls of the vagina and uterus, and clarifying complaints of urinary incontinence. The lack of individual selection of the training regimen, an improperly selected simulator does not give an effect, the patient loses precious time, the desire to do it. The consequences of this can be not only a loss of interest in intimate life, but also the need for surgery to correct the prolapse of the uterus and vagina, and urinary incontinence.

What is included in the wumbling program in our center?
Assessment of the condition of the perineum by an obstetrician-gynecologist. You will be able to get a full consultation of a specialist for the presence of prolapse of the walls of the vagina, uterus, methods of prevention and treatment of this disease in your case.

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