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Scar treatment after surgery

Today, patients are much more likely and more boldly turn to plastic surgeons than before. And it is right! Because there are situations where the cosmetologist is already powerless. The most popular plastic surgery among women is mammoplasty. Unfortunately, surgery often leaves vertical and T-shaped scars. Final scar formation takes up to a year.

Conventionally, all cosmetic procedures for scar correction can be divided into 2 groups. The first group is procedures in the early period of scar tissue formation, and the second group is events when the scar is fully formed.

Postoperative scar healing
Let’s start with a discussion of the first group. After the surgeon has removed the sutures, the surgical intervention area needs to be healed as soon as possible, to form a “correct” scar and to prevent pathological scars, and the patient’s body needs to restore physical and psycho-emotional forces. Therefore, it is necessary to connect procedures that accelerate regeneration.

The lead is plasma therapy. Own plasma enriched with platelets is a powerful incentive for healing, because it contains a large number of growth factors, which in our body are responsible for regeneration. Plasmolifting stimulates the formation of healthy collagen and elastin, activates local skin immunity, improves microcirculation and cellular metabolism.

In second place is placentotherapy. The drugs Melsmon, Laennec and Kurasen activate the reaction of the immune system, which allows the formation of a more aesthetic scar and in a shorter time. The placenta increases cellular and tissue respiration, increases the metabolic activity of body cells, stimulates the processes of regeneration and self-regulation, increases the adaptive capacity of the body. Placental preparations have a pronounced antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effect, protect the body from the effects of adverse environmental factors, restore impaired homeostasis, and increase the body’s defenses.

“Bronze” takes mesotherapy. In the early postoperative period, mesococtails are used that improve microcirculation and healing and prevent the formation of coarse fibrous tissue. The list of such mesodrugs is large, we list the main ones: hyaluronic acid, gingo biloba, rutin, organic silicon, panthenol, DMAE, coenzyme Q10, extracts of arnica, witch hazel, and others.

As an adjuvant, autohemotherapy can also be noted. The latter, in turn, accelerates reparative processes, improves metabolic processes in the body, improves immunity, improves blood and lymph flow, restores working capacity and vitality.

Removal of scars after surgery
A year after the operation, you can begin procedures that make the scar almost invisible. Gold crown belongs to laser resurfacing! The laser removes the upper layers of the skin along with scar tissue and then a new collagen-elastin complex is synthesized.

Collagen therapy, and in particular the COLLOST drug, which stimulates regeneration in the scar area and activates the process of producing own collagen fibers and replacing pathological scar tissues, is in second place. The skin microrelief is leveled and the normal structure of the dermis is restored.

Closing the three – chemical peels. The appropriate peeling is selected depending on the depth of the scar, as a rule, the most popular peeling in the work with scars is TCA peeling. Due to exfoliation, the skin each time becomes more even and smooth. As for mesopilings, they allow acid to penetrate intradermally, unlike traditional peels, which are applied simply to the skin.

Summing up, we can say that there is a huge arsenal of cosmetic procedures that make scars aesthetically attractive and invisible!

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