Facial fitness: anti-wrinkle and second chin exercises
Wrinkles, second chin, creases on the neck. “It's time to end this!”, The heroines from the advertisement for face creams strongly declare. But you can’t help with cream alone. It…

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Who is a cosmetologist?
The profession of a cosmetologist was singled out as a separate specialty in 2011. Until that time, there were continuing education courses for dermatovenerologists in the specialty “Medical cosmetology”. Unfortunately,…

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How to remove the second chin
Each woman wishes to preserve for a long time the beauty, youth and health of the skin of the face and body. But, unfortunately, you can’t spend nature, and age-related…

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When should cosmetic procedures begin?

At any age, you can look beautiful and young!

The so-called Calendar of youth and skin health will help you navigate a huge assortment of cosmetic procedures and choose what will be useful for your skin in a specific age period.

Timely use of cosmetics will help you prevent possible skin problems and save on expensive procedures in the future. Facial skin is exposed to adverse effects every day: heat and cold, ultraviolet radiation, polluted air – all this leads to an approximation of skin aging, slowing down the process of cell renewal. Cosmetic skin care will help restore skin functions with the help of specially designed and selected procedures. The choice of skin care methods depends on the condition and type of skin, age and your desires.

Under 25 years old
The most unpleasant and spoiling all the delights and advantages of this age are acne, rashes, black spots and enlarged pores. The reason for this “behavior” of the skin, as a rule, is increased secretion of sebum due to hormonal changes. Methods of skin care at this age are quite simple: facial cleansing and skin care procedures, including deep cleansing, skin nutrition, constant hydration and, of course, can not do without massage.

Age 25-30 years
It is believed that the first signs of aging begin to appear precisely with 25 years. At this age, the regenerative processes of the skin are inhibited, the production of hyaluronic acid, elastin and collagen in the skin begins to decrease gradually; the skin loses freshness, turgor decreases, the first wrinkles around the eyes begin to be laid – the skin aging process begins. The main techniques used to restore and preserve beauty are aimed at enhancing the production of our own collagen and elastin: surface peelings, birevitalization, bio-reinforcement, face mesotherapy, hardware methods of rejuvenation (microcurrent therapy, ultrasound therapy).

Age 30-35 years old
Skin features: wrinkles on the forehead and nose bridge deepen, so-called “crow’s feet” form, and skin elasticity is noticeably reduced. Vascular pathology becomes more noticeable, hyperpigmentation of the skin appears. Along with the above methods, such types of cosmetic procedures are used as phototherapy, thermal lifting, “beauty injections” —that is, Botox injections, contour plastic and others. To combat hyperpigmentation, as well as to even out the face relief and the lifting effect, laser resurfacing of facial skin has been successfully used.

Age 35-45 years old
Features of the skin during this period: the deterioration of metabolic processes at the cellular level. The appearance of “bags” under the eyes, the “second” chin, nasolabial folds deepen, the corners of the mouth drop. The oval of the face is omitted.

It is advisable to carry out procedures aimed at correcting the oval of the face (bio-reinforcement, thread reinforcement), raising the cheekbones and replenishing the volume of tissues using contour plastics.

Age 50 and older
Features: At this age, a serious change in the hormonal background occurs in the woman’s body, which leads to thinning of the skin. In the subcutaneous tissues of the skin, fat stores are reduced. The skin loses elasticity, there is a pronounced overhang of the eyelids and oval of the face.

Injection and hardware procedures are carried out (in the absence of contraindications), aimed at combating pronounced age-related changes. If necessary, a consultation with a plastic surgeon is recommended. The skin condition in this age group can vary significantly depending on skin care and previous procedures.

Note that this article provides indicative data on the recommended procedures. The appointment of procedures is always carried out strictly individually and depends on the condition of the skin, anatomical and hereditary characteristics, as well as on the lifestyle of patients. Someone should start visiting a cosmetologist from the age of 18, while someone does not need to carry out any procedures at 60. We invite you to an appointment with a specialist, a cosmetologist for the selection of beauty procedures.

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