Freckles, age spots
According to the meaning of the common phrase, flaws can be found in everything. However, age spots on the face - this is a flaw that often does not have…

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Laser rejuvenation without risk!
- What is the special feature of the Smart Xide DOT CO2 laser system and how does it work? - Its peculiarity is that in one session it is possible…

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Who is a cosmetologist?
The profession of a cosmetologist was singled out as a separate specialty in 2011. Until that time, there were continuing education courses for dermatovenerologists in the specialty “Medical cosmetology”. Unfortunately,…

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AFT rejuvenation and AFT therapy

We present you a new procedure – AFT rejuvenation! The procedure is performed on the latest Harmony XL device using the SSR (Skin Rejuvenation) nozzle manufactured by AlmaLasers (Israel). General information on the technique of action of AFT rejuvenation is described in the article on photo rejuvenation. Here it is appropriate to talk about the key differences of AFT rejuvenation technology, which allows us to consider it as a real breakthrough in the field of non-invasive rejuvenation.

AFT (Advanced Fluorescence Technology) is an advanced fluorescence technology. The Harmony XL SSR AFT rejuvenation system is characterized by three unique AlmaLasers patented technologies.

Key Features of AFT Rejuvenation Technology
Firstly, the AFT nozzle uses a unique system of fluorescence filters, which converts the unused radiation of the short-wave and ultraviolet part of the spectrum into the radiation of the visible part of the spectrum 570-950 nm. Such a conversion of radiation from the “unused” part of the spectrum to the “useful” visible part of the radiation spectrum allows you to enhance and increase the effect of penetrating radiation without a direct increase in power. This technology is the safest and does not cause side effects.

The second technology is Equally Distributed Fluence (EDF) – uniformly distributed radiation. This means the use of a rectangular pulse without sharp peak energy values, while the EDF pulse, unlike the IPL, has a lower energy level, otherwise, due to its longer duration, it transfers energy sufficient to the skin to carry out the therapeutic effect.

Range of IPL Rejuvenation Systems

The spectrum of the AFT rejuvenation system
Flat pulse EDF technology in AFT rejuvenation
Thus, to achieve the effect of the procedure, a sufficient level of energy is delivered, but more efficiently and safely. This reduces the risk of complications and undesirable effects. This unique technology guarantees safety and allows you to carefully treat even dark or prone to burn very light skin.

The third technology that allows you to make the procedure absolutely comfortable is the technology IN-Motion (“In Motion”). Unlike the IPL system, in which the doctor, during the procedure, applies the nozzle in turn to each treated area of ​​the skin, AFT rejuvenation, thanks to the IN-Motion technology, is performed in motion. Due to this, light energy is evenly distributed and rejuvenates every centimeter of your skin!

Due to the aforementioned innovative developments of AFT – technologies significantly superior phototechnologies in the following parameters:

1. The painlessness of the procedure: in comparison with phototherapy AFT – therapy is much better tolerated by patients

2. Number of procedures: to achieve the desired effect, the number of procedures compared to phototherapy is reduced by 2 times. For example, for skin whitening, on average, 2-3 AFT procedures are performed, while phototherapy involves a course of at least 7-8 times.

3. Undesirable skin reactions with AFT are practically absent, while phototherapy requires a more careful selection of patients and is suitable only for certain skin types.

The effects of AFT therapy are determined by chromophores – substances that can absorb light energy in various ranges and provide one or another action of the procedure.

Melanin – whitening effect, pigmentation removal

Hemoglobin – treatment of rosacea, gluing of small vessels, treatment of post-inflammatory stagnant spots

Propionobacteria acne – treatment of acne and rosacea, normalization of sebum secretion

Effects of AFT Therapy
1. Removal of pigmented formations

This procedure is indispensable for removing age spots on the face and body. AFT therapy copes with fresh bright pigmentation already from the first procedure, enthralling patients. With a long-standing, deeply located pigment, as well as if AFT does not give a pronounced effect the first time, a combination with other correction methods should be carried out.

2. Pore narrowing and acne treatment

AFT therapy allows you to deal with the problem of enlarged pores by normalizing the production of sebum and reducing oily skin, as well as by stimulating collagen synthesis and tightening pores. Before the procedure, it is recommended to clean the face. AFT is also successfully used to treat active forms of acne, including internal acne (conglobate acne), when other methods of therapy are limited. As well as the consequences of rashes, for example, stagnant spots of acne.

3. Treatment of rosacea

The most difficult problem for cosmetology correction. It requires an average of 3-6 procedures. By gluing the smallest vessels, the complexion is evened out, the pathological blush disappears. However, to maintain the effect for a long time, it is necessary to observe clear recommendations and change the patient’s lifestyle, since in this case, AFT therapy fights the consequence, not the cause of rosacea, and cannot prevent its occurrence.

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