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How to tighten an oval face

Every woman at a certain age is faced with the problem of how to tighten the oval of the face. Some time ago, these problems were solved exclusively with the help of plastic surgery. But now, fortunately for the female half of the population, more loyal, non-surgical methods of facelift come to the rescue.

Why does ptosis or omission of the oval of the face occur?

During gravitational ptosis, the middle and lower third of the face falls, the contour of the mandibular line is violated (due to ptosis of the cheeks), the nasolabial furrow deepens with overhanging skin above it, the nasolacrimal groove deepens and shifts downward, the corners of the lips lower.

In the upper and middle parts of the face, subcutaneous fat (zygomatic region) atrophies and is deposited in the submental area. The activity of adipocytes decreases, for this reason, the ability to accumulate fat decreases. There is a prolapse of the fatty lump of the cheek and it looks like an excess volume of the lower third of the face.

The problem of changing the shape of the face today is one of the most difficult for cosmetic correction. Often, only SMAS lifting (or a circular facelift) can handle it. However, the development of modern cosmetology allows you to achieve a facelift without surgery.

How to tighten the oval of the face?

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Thread Aptos
Microcurrents for the face
The only way to avoid surgery is to start preventative procedures at the first manifestations of ptosis, which usually appear already from 30-35 years old. Our center will tell you how to tighten the oval of the face without surgery, as well as home procedures to maintain the result.

Hardware facelift methods
1. Thermal face lifting is a modern development, which uniquely combines vacuum massage and high-frequency electric exposure. There is a stimulation of microcirculation, toning, increasing the overall immunity of the skin.

The mechanism of action of thermal lifting is based on bipolar radio frequency energy. The skin fold is captured in a vacuum manner between paired electrodes. The dermis is heated at a given depth due to radio wave energy. The penetration depth is easy to control, which eliminates the negative impact on the whole organism.

Due to the layer-by-layer warming of the skin, new collagen and elastin are produced, and rejuvenation of all skin layers is launched. As a result, the skin is tightened, fine wrinkles are smoothed, pores are reduced. Also, thermal lifting solves the problem of the “second chin.” The volume of adipose tissue decreases because tissue metabolism is enhanced and lipolysis is accelerated.

After a course of procedures, the oval of the face will be tightened, a small network of wrinkles will disappear, facial wrinkles will be smoothed out.

2. Laser resurfacing of the face removes the upper layer of skin cells. All bumps and wrinkles are smoothed out, and metabolic and recovery processes are accelerated.

Erbium laser – a new era in the polishing of facial skin. It creates microdepths in the skin due to its radiation, divided into several microbeams. Areas with intact tissue are contracted above the damage zones, this property provides a pronounced lifting. The procedure is relatively painless and without undesirable effects. Erbium laser is successfully used on the skin of the eyelids and neck.

The skin absorbs photons of laser radiation and heats up. By changing the laser power and the duration of the pulsed flow, you can adjust the depth of exposure. When heated, the skin evaporates the water that it contains, and coagulation of protein structures occurs, old collagen and elastin are destroyed. The presence of healthy tissue around the damaged areas ensures their rapid healing.

3. Facial myostimulation – a method of applying pulsed currents to facial tissues, which restores muscle tissue tone, has a lifting effect, and also breaks down body fat. Miostimulation works on the muscles of the face that cannot be physically trained, this makes it possible to correct the oval of the face, eliminate tissue ptosis and achieve the effect of rejuvenation. Myostimulation of the face improves the recovery processes in the tissues, eliminates the hypermobility of facial expressions, signs of fatigue, swelling, prevents the formation of new wrinkles.

Thread lifting – non-surgical facelift.
Thread lifting is an excellent alternative to plastic surgery, but without surgery, general anesthesia and a long recovery period.

Thread lifting is primarily indicated for women who do not bring the desired effect of non-surgical methods of rejuvenation, and it is too early to do a classic facelift. A contraindication to thread lifting is a pronounced excess of the skin, which can only be removed surgically.

1. Aptos threads (Spring Classic, Thread 2G) are absorbable and non-absorbable, made of polypropylene, a material of synthetic origin, in the form of spirals and with notches. Threads are inserted subcutaneously using a needle attached to a conductor thread. The indication is a pronounced change in the oval of the face (40+).

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