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Who is a cosmetologist?
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Who is a cosmetologist?

The profession of a cosmetologist was singled out as a separate specialty in 2011. Until that time, there were continuing education courses for dermatovenerologists in the specialty “Medical cosmetology”. Unfortunately, in view of the youth of this area and the confusion in concepts, in our sphere, unfortunately, there are many non-professionals, false cosmetologists who have no medical education at all.

Medical Center
Unfortunately, in my practice, lately, I very often encounter unfortunate patients who fell into the hands of such “figures”. And since correcting their “amazing” work is often much more difficult than working with the original patient’s problem, in this article I will try to give detailed explanations in order to protect patients from these unfortunate specialists.

A cosmetologist has a higher medical education (6 years at a medical university), a residency in dermatovenerology (2 years), professional retraining courses in cosmetology (six months), as well as a large number of certificates of training in certain methods and drugs. It is this certificate that hangs for interior decoration and is shown to patients by false cosmetologists, although they do not give any right to work. Yes, and you can draw them yourself if you wish, since these documents are not provided with any special protective equipment (license plates, watermarks, etc.), unlike state documents.

The secret is simple: they conduct training and issue these beautiful certificates, companies that sell appropriate drugs and present appropriate methods in the Russian Federation. And the task of these organizations, as you can imagine, is by no means quality training in certified programs (which, incidentally, also requires a license), but an increase in sales of the drugs they represent. In such a situation, it is easy to guess that everyone with the minimum selection is accepted for training according to these methods, you just need to pay a small amount for the training and pay for the test purchase.

What is the result? Compare the level of education: 9 years of study and 1 day.

A cosmetological nurse has a secondary medical education and retraining courses in cosmetology. Such specialists can perform non-injection procedures (care, hair removal, cleansing), as well as some manipulations with skin disorders under the guidance of a cosmetologist. The desire of some nurses to jump above their heads and engage in medical manipulations, as a rule, does not lead to anything good. This is especially true for Botox and contouring procedures.

“Cosmetic bags” is an outdated concept regarding a cosmetological nurse who used to color eyebrows and eyelashes (this manipulation does not require medical education at all), waxing and facial cleansing at hairdressers. Currently, these manipulations (except for painting) should be performed in cosmetology rooms with a license.

A medical license is a document that guarantees the patient that this clinic has passed the entire necessary list of checks, including Rospotrebnadzor, and all specialists and drugs used correspond to the declared and permitted level.

Dear patients, my friendly advice to you: before carrying out the procedure, do not hesitate to ask the new doctor for a copy of the diploma of basic medical education and a specialist certificate for residency. Believe me, this precaution will not offend a qualified specialist, but it will allow you to verify at least the level of formal requirements in the competence of a cosmetologist, to whom you are going to entrust your beauty and health.

For false cosmetologists
Dear colleagues”! Of course, you can continue to disfigure people and bring to the masses the negative reputation of our industry, but I will inform you that the performance of medical procedures without an appropriate education, as well as at home and in institutions without a medical license, entails not only administrative, but and criminal liability.

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