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Expanded facial pores: treatment

Expanded pores, increased oily skin, multiple comedones are a common problem that a cosmetologist has to deal with. As a rule, this problem requires an individual approach and often completely different treatment for people with different skin types. Let’s try to deal with the causes of excessive secretion of sebum and the appearance of enlarged pores.

Reasons for the appearance and methods of treatment
The main reasons for the appearance of enlarged pores include:

Truly oily skin, characterized by increased activity of the sebaceous glands (heredity).
Hormonal disorders, including those associated with an excess of testosterone (adolescence, polycystic ovary, etc.).
Diseases of the thyroid gland and adrenal glands.
Improper nutrition, an excess of saturated fatty acids in food, which leads to an increase in the density of sebum, which makes it difficult for it to reach the surface of the skin and leads to the formation of comedones.
Irrational use of alcohol-containing lotions causes dehydration of the skin, overdries it, which leads only to even greater sebum secretion. This is due to the protective reaction of the skin in the form of increased secretion of sebum to restore the damaged hydro-lipid film.
Scrubs “scratch” the skin, which leads to the erasure of the protective layer of the skin and further to an uneven thickening of the epidermis, which in turn forms an uneven skin texture and promotes clogging of the mouth of the sebaceous glands and the formation of comedones.
Abuse of UV and photoaging of the skin (tanning bed, excessive exposure to the sun)
The forehead, nose and chin – this is the so-called “zone T” – the most prone to increased oily skin, the appearance of enlarged pores and comedones – their inextricable companions. There are open and closed comedones.

Closed comedones or “whiteheads” are small cystic formations consisting of horny scales, bacteria and sebum. The appearance of such comedones is due to the impossibility of sebum reaching the skin surface with thickening of the mouth of the sebaceous gland, which is often associated with uneven trauma and thickening of the skin after applying scrubs, abuse of UV, etc. Such comedones are removed only with the help of a special needle. Crushing them yourself is strictly contraindicated.

Open comedos are black eels. This type of comedone is formed on the skin under the influence of air and the oxidation of conglomerate, which was formed from accumulated sebum, dust and dead microbial cells. Proper and timely skin cleansing, periodic facial cleansing will easily get rid of such black spots.

Basic methods for controlling enlarged pores
Face cleaning
Facial cleansing is the main cosmetology procedure recommended for any type of skin with the goal of cleansing, getting rid of comedones, leveling the color and texture of the face, as well as stimulating the regenerative properties of the skin.

AFT-therapy and phototherapy
Phototherapy is a popular procedure in the fight for the health and beauty of the skin. This technique thoroughly improves the condition of the skin, during which there is absolutely no need to lag behind the usual rhythm of life. Pores are narrowed due to the influence of a light wave on chromophores – propionobacteria, which are saprophytic microorganisms that contribute to the secretion of sebum. As a result of this, the oily skin is reduced and the pores are narrowed accordingly.

Unlike phototherapy, AFT therapy is a more advanced technology of exposure to light of a narrower spectrum, which is based on the conversion of the light flux from a shorter wavelength into a part of the light flux, which refers to the useful area of ​​the given spectrum. As a result, the flux density and penetration of light into the tissue increases, which guarantees the safety and effectiveness of the procedures and reduces the number of required sessions. The effect of narrowing the pores is noticeable after 3-4 sessions, but even in one step it is possible to achieve a visible effect. In addition, skin turgor rises, small wrinkles are smoothed out, the complexion improves noticeably, pores become almost invisible, dryness and tightness of the skin disappear, lifting is manifested, the effect is removed, pigmentation, spider veins go away, the skin becomes more tender, silky and elastic.

The variety of peelings requires careful and individual selection for various skin types in order to narrow pores. With oily skin, salicylic and Jessner peeling are ideal, with prone to dryness – retinoic. It should be noted that peels do not solve this problem radically, therefore they require systematic use.

Laser resurfacing
Laser resurfacing not only has the properties of median peeling, but also provides the contraction of expanded pores. The laser beam acts selectively, the radiation is divided into many microbeams, each of them creates a small depression in the skin in the form of a column (fraction). The alternation of zones with damaged and undamaged areas occurs at regular intervals. The skin surface not affected by the laser beam is a source of skin regeneration.

Hand massage
Facial chiromassage is a special massage technique based on special techniques of the classical and oriental massage systems. In this technique, there are no strict canons of chiromassage, the specialist…


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