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The tooth wall broke off, what should I do?

Clients periodically contact the clinic with this question. The answer cannot be unambiguous, it all depends on the situation, the condition of the tooth, root canals, remaining in the whole wall of the tooth (on the other hand). There are many ways to save a tooth: put a high-quality filling, make a tab and a crown. The third option is the most deplorable – the removal of tooth residues, but it is suitable only if the tooth wall has broken off much below the level of the gums and there is nowhere to attach the crown.

What is the reason?
The reason for the breakdown (crumbling) of the tooth wall is elementary – the tooth has long been dead, the nerve has been removed, there was a large filling in the tooth, but it either crumbled or fell out. The tooth itself became brittle, but without a seal it could not withstand the stress and began to crumble, and pieces of the tooth crack off unexpectedly. The rest of the tooth is in an even more deplorable state, the stress on it has not just remained, but increased, we should expect the destruction of the entire tooth within a year.

Restoring a tooth by filling it will partially save it, but not for long. It is better to immediately address the issue of installing the crown using the tab. The crown will reduce pressure and tension on the damaged tooth, thereby prolonging its “life”. The crown will last an indefinite amount of time on the tooth, it can be 10 years, or maybe one year, it is impossible to foresee in advance and give a guarantee in the case of a crumbling tooth.

What will happen to the tooth if you install a filling instead of a crown
The filling does not hold tightly to the tooth, it will attach to the gum. The connection is fragile, the slightest pressure on the tooth and seal will crack, completely disappear. A seal can be considered temporary protection, for a month or two, if a person does not have time to work with a crown or at the moment he does not have the means. The sooner the client “ripens” to put the crown on the tooth, the better it will be for the tooth, client, digestion.

What is the best tactic for treating a breakaway tooth
A temporary option is a seal, for a couple of months. Then you need to approach more seriously and put a crown. When the crown falls due to the destruction of tooth residues, a bridge will be required. The implant will go last. Tooth extraction is not recommended; the goal of the dentist is to save the tooth, not to remove it.

Before you start working with a tooth, you need to take an X-ray, according to which the doctor can determine the condition of the canals. The inspection of the channels is necessary so that there is no incident situation when the tooth begins to hurt under the crown and you have to remove the crown, throw it away, treat the tooth, then re-engage the crown, but it’s already new.

It is best to place the crown on a pin that is implanted in the root canals of the tooth, another reason why you need an X-ray, because without it it is impossible to determine the condition of the channels and give a sober assessment – where and how to install the pin so that it lasts as long as possible and held the crown.

Instead of a pin, you can make a tab, this is in the case when the tooth root does not stand the pin uniquely. It will take a long time to work with the installation of the pin or tab, the process will be delayed in several stages.

Patients are often scared by the thought that this is a painful procedure – do not worry about this. For a dead tooth, it does not matter what they do to it.

Only the gum will react, it will give some unpleasant sensations, to eliminate the pain, you can do a light anesthesia to slightly muffle the pain in the gum when working with the tooth.

Tooth prosthetics is not as scary as potential clients who need urgent help to save the remaining tooth imagine it.

Why the myth appeared that when prosthetics a patient experiences incredible pain that cannot be tolerated – none of the dentists know, but each specialist can assure his patient that prosthetics is painless.
For particularly sensitive patients, there is anesthesia that solves the problem with fear of the dentist.

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