Botox Myths
Currently, type A botulinum toxin preparations are becoming more widespread in aesthetic medicine. The most famous of them are certified in the Russian Federation: Botox (USA), Dysport (France), Xeomin (Germany),…

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Face skin care in the spring
The way out of winter is still stress for the skin of the face. Due to the lack of sun, cold, hypovitaminosis and air “dried” by heating, the face looks…

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AFT rejuvenation and AFT therapy
We present you a new procedure - AFT rejuvenation! The procedure is performed on the latest Harmony XL device using the SSR (Skin Rejuvenation) nozzle manufactured by AlmaLasers (Israel). General…

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How to get rid of scars?

Having scars or scars on their bodies, representatives of a strong half of humanity can always say that they were left after a skirmish or a bandit’s bullet that got into them. At the same time, such words are pronounced even by those who have never before left the cozy expanses of office rooms and the interior of a personal car.

For women, this situation is different. It’s more difficult for them to create any interesting image around the scars. Perhaps the easiest way out will be a kind of fetish, where the marks on the skin will be presented as something important, ostentatious or necessary.

But not every scar or scar can be beautiful. On the contrary, most often they look ugly. This is even more true for scars left after surgery to remove the appendix, or scars formed as a result of the appearance of acne. They cannot be encircled by a halo of romance, as everyone understands where these traces came from.

How to get rid of scars
Most likely, many people who have unpleasant marks on their skin want to get rid of them and are trying to figure out how to do it. In order to remove scars or scars, you do not need to do something extraordinary or go to the “people’s” healers. It is enough to contact a specialized center, and the result will not be long in coming.

Today, medicine offers many different ways that make it possible to permanently lose track of your skin.

These include:

excision of scars and plastic surgery to remove scars or their excision, performed through the intervention of a surgeon;
treatment of scars with hormonal agents;
the use of specialized oils and ointments, after which the scars dissolve;
chemical peeling;
the use of silicone plates;
laser scar removal.
Despite such an abundance of diverse methods of removing scars, the latter acts as the most effective. It provides a predictable result of the procedure, after which scars of any shape and size are smoothed out.

The most important component of this method is that the scars and scars after using the laser disappear in a very short time, without causing side effects, which can be observed when using the rest of the above methods.

Types of laser scar removal procedures
The procedure for laser scar removal is divided into two types:

Using special technology and using a neodymium laser. This tool allows you to effectively remove scars and remove scars, while the damaged tissue (the tissue that makes up the scars and scars) is leveled, becoming part of the normal. The laser during the procedure, exerting a pulsed effect on a specific area of ​​the skin, softens the scars, gradually comparing them with the skin. In addition, there is the possibility of restoring hair on the head.
Microdermabrasion. It involves the use of the so-called erbium laser for sequential excision of scars and scars. The process itself consists in the fact that the laser gradually, layer by layer, removes scar tissue.
Dermabrasion can be used to carry out the correction of scars of any kind. When atrophic scars are removed after the surface has been treated with an erbium laser, the remaining suture is subjected to plastic surgery, during which it is filled with biodegradable gel (for example, hyaluronic acid or collagen), due to which the scar is compared with the skin.

What is the essence of the laser removal procedure?
When performing a procedure to remove scars and scars, a neodymium laser creates a pulsed effect on them, stimulating fibroplasts, or cells that produce collagen. As a result, they begin to work more actively, making the scar tissue plastic, smoothing the scars and comparing them with the skin. But the best effect is achieved in a combination of a neodymium laser and laser dermabrasion.

The laser beam creates many small holes in the skin to a certain depth. This effect contributes to its reduction directly during the procedure. It turns out that the skin is tightened, and the scar resolves. Moreover, the effect intensifies over the next month.

It is grinding using an erbium laser that allows you to remove scar tissue with incredible accuracy (up to 1 micron). At the same time, this effect activates collagen producing cells. And only laser (using a laser or complex, which includes laser removal procedures) removal causes the appearance and strengthening of new skin cells and has a bactericidal effect.

In order for scars and scars to disappear completely, it takes about 4-6 procedures for laser resurfacing. The interval between them is from 6 to 9 weeks.

Try it yourself, how easy it is to get rid of ugly scars and scars on the body. With us you will receive high-quality assistance from experienced professionals working on the most modern equipment.

Botox Myths
Currently, type A botulinum toxin preparations are becoming more widespread in aesthetic medicine. The most famous of them are certified in the Russian Federation: Botox (USA), Dysport (France), Xeomin (Germany),…


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