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Jewelry on the teeth

Women adorn themselves almost from the first days of the existence of mankind on Earth. They wear earrings, bracelets, necklaces and pendants, do hairstyles and makeup. It turns out that now the popular tooth jewelry is also used by rich women for a long time, evidence of this was found by archaeologists during excavations of ancient palaces.

Gems were inserted into the teeth by the method of interspersing, the smiles of rich ladies shone with emeralds, rubies, sapphires and diamonds. Now, after many thousands of years, decorating teeth in a similar way is again fashionable, and not only women are doing this, but also a strong half of humanity, also following fashion. Of course, only a qualified dentist can insert a gem into a tooth gently and painlessly, you should not do it yourself.

Most often, jewelry on the teeth is made of transparent stones – sapphires and diamonds, processed in a standard way, but with a certain cut. The number of faces should be 56, which gives the decoration a unique expressiveness and beauty thanks to a special play of light.

There is an unpleasant moment in this method: a hole is drilled in the tooth to insert a real diamond. In order to cover up an existing defect, this method is completely justified. If you have healthy and beautiful teeth, you should not distort them in vain, but it is better to use other methods that are safer.

By the way, it is better to intersperse real diamonds into crowns: modern technology allows you to accurately solder a stone into the porcelain material of the crown. As a result of processing, the tooth surface will be even and smooth.

Skies are jewelry on the teeth made of rhinestones, which are carefully polished beforehand and look almost like real diamonds. For the manufacture of skies, modern computer technology is used, rhinestones made at special enterprises do not fade even due to the effects of food.

Decoration with rhinestones is also suitable to hide minor defects on the teeth, for example, various spots or irregularities.
Skays are fixed on the teeth with the help of a special composition – a transparent composite. This material is called “bond”, it perfectly transmits light and has the consistency of varnish or gel used to build nails. After application to the tooth, the bond is treated with a special ion lamp, after which its liquid structure becomes solid. The tooth ornaments fixed with the help of the bond sparkle perfectly and look like real diamonds.

Rhinestones are practically not felt in the mouth and do not cause any unpleasant sensations. The weight of one skyce does not exceed one tenth of a gram, the shape is flat, so it does not cause friction on the lips and the remnants of food do not stick to it. Special methods for caring for these jewelry are not required.

Skys sticks to the tooth surface in absolutely safe conditions. They usually stay on their teeth for up to six months. Removing this jewelry on the teeth also occurs without any discomfort and is similar to removing braces, using a special tool or solution. The tooth enamel is not damaged during these operations.

When removing a real diamond, it will be necessary to change or restore the crown. There may be an erroneous opinion that skyce is easy to install compared to interspersing a gem, and you can do it yourself. Nevertheless, this should not be done, since polishing the tooth surface to the ideal state before installing the rhinestone will not work at home, and such a decoration will not last long, will fly off during meals or during a conversation.

Skys are not only light and flat, they are very miniature. At will, you can choose rhinestones of any shade and shape. The fixing procedure for this jewelry lasts no more than fifteen minutes. Among modern fashionistas and fashionistas, skies are even more popular than piercings or tattoos.

Twinkles are one more jewelry on teeth which are wildly popular and very original. These are various figures made of gold. Twinkles can be made entirely of this noble metal, or can be inlaid with precious stones.

The process of gluing twinkle onto tooth enamel does not harm the surface of the tooth. With the standard oral hygiene procedure, as well as during meals, these decorations are not damaged. Only a specialist dentist can remove the twinkle with a special tool or solution. After removing the figure from the enamel, the tooth is cleaned of the remnants of the composite adhesive and gently polished.

Of course, wearing jewelry on your teeth is only worthwhile if these teeth are even and beautiful, otherwise rhinestones, precious stones or twinkles, instead of decorating a smile, will draw unnecessary attention to defects.

Braces are usually used to align teeth. You can also make the procedure for wearing braces pleasant and comfortable with the help of sapphires. By the way, sapphire braces are much easier to care for.

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