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Laser Hair Removal with Light D Duetto, Quanta System

Laser Hair Removal with Light D Duetto, Quanta System

Modern technologies make it possible to radically improve the appearance. The problem of excess hair today already has a decent solution.

In our center, laser hair removal is carried out on a unique laser system, Light D Duetto, Quanta System, which combines two different types of lasers – alexandrite and neodymium.

Quanta System’s MiXT laser hair removal technology removes even the thinnest and lightest hair and is suitable for all skin types.

The use of a laser in hair removal is based on the theory of selective destruction of hair follicles, which leads to a significant reduction in the amount of hair in laser applications. The essence of the laser hair removal procedure is that the melanin contained in the root of the hair absorbs the laser beams, which damages the epithelium of the hair follicle and the hair falls out.

Laser hair removal has many advantages over mechanical and electrolysis, which makes this procedure the most modern and safe.

The benefits of laser hair removal
Thanks to the use of the latest Duetto two-wave laser, the skin is not damaged – the built-in neodymium laser makes it possible to remove even light hair and acts effectively on tanned and dark skin, while the alexandrite laser provides high power of the device and speeds up the laser hair removal procedure. The procedure of laser hair removal is painless and takes from 10 to 90 minutes, depending on the part of the body being treated. Discomfort during treatment of sensitive areas of the body is occasionally possible.

The effect after the procedure is very long – depending on the phototype of your skin, it can last from 6 years or be permanent. In order for the beneficial effect of the laser hair removal procedure to be permanent, 5 to 10 procedures may be required. The use of a laser is most effective on hair in the growth phase, however, such hair on the body can be no more than 15% at the same time, so it is recommended to take 1–2 months of a break between procedures to enable other hairs to also reach the growth phase.

It is possible to make laser hair removal in Moscow at the MELIS center in any season. Our equipment copes well with both light and dark hair. Innovative technology allows you to carry out the procedure even on tanned skin.

The procedure of laser hair removal can be performed on the following parts of the body:
upper lip;
the chin;
bikini – classic, total, deep;
chest and neck;
lower legs;
fingers and toes.
Laser Hair Removal
Removing unwanted facial hair using the Light D Duetto laser system, Quanta System, is much more effective than other methods (shaving, plucking, etc.), and they can also cause irritation. One session will take from 15 minutes, a full course is, on average, 4 procedures.

You can take advantage of popular facial hair removal methods like upper lip and chin hair removal to get rid of unwanted hair on the upper lip or chin forever!

Armpit hair removal
Laser hair removal of armpits allows you to permanently get rid of the need for daily shaving, and the result will be much more accurate. In addition, the procedure will help solve the problem of ingrown hair. The procedure will take about 30 minutes, between sessions it is not forbidden to use a razor to remove hair. Most patients do not need additional anesthesia during hair removal.

Bikini Hair Removal
Removing the unwanted hair of the intimate area at home is often accompanied by irritation and a lot of inconvenience, and the result lasts only a couple of days. A simple laser hair removal procedure allows you to look perfect under any circumstances.
Since the bikini zone is characterized by increased sensitivity, the use of anesthetic gel during the session is justified. The skin should be pre-shaved smoothly, the procedure will take no more than 30 minutes.
Hair removal
Do you dream to forget forever about hair removal and have beautiful smooth legs? Then laser hair removal will be the most optimal solution – several procedures will allow you to forget about the razor and depilatory cream for many years. Ingrown hairs will also remain in the past. There are several options for getting rid of hair – from the toes to the complete hair removal of the legs. The duration of the procedure is individual, but, on average, is from 30 minutes to 1.5 hours. As a rule, 5 sessions are necessary in order to get rid of hair forever.
You can choose the option of hair removal: from hair removal along the line of a swimsuit to the so-called “Brazilian” hair removal with the complete elimination of vegetation.

This kind of aesthetic correction:

does not injure the skin;
does not lead to scars and scars;
does not cause folliculitis;
eliminates the appearance of ingrown hair.

Laser Hair Removal with Light D Duetto, Quanta System
Laser Hair Removal with Light D Duetto, Quanta System Modern technologies make it possible to radically improve the appearance. The problem of excess hair today already has a decent solution.…


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