LPG massage what is it
Indications and contraindications Recommended Lpg massage in such cases: haggard face, swelling; facial wrinkles; double chin; cellulite; fuzzy contours of the figure and face; breeches effect; scars, scars, stretch marks;…

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What is ultrasonic cavitation for weight loss?
Today, ultrasonic cavitation for weight loss is one of the most popular salon procedures for body shaping. This technique is also called non-surgical liposuction, because removal of adipose tissue occurs…

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Eyebrow lifting
An expressive look has always been the key to attractiveness. But expressiveness is expressed not only in the depth of eye color and the volume of eyelashes. The shape and…

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What is ultrasonic cavitation for weight loss?

Today, ultrasonic cavitation for weight loss is one of the most popular salon procedures for body shaping. This technique is also called non-surgical liposuction, because removal of adipose tissue occurs without damage to the skin.

The essence of the procedure is based on the effect of cavitation. This is a process in which bubbles form inside the fat cell, as a result of which they become softer and separate from each other. And against the background of the influence of ultrasonic waves of a certain frequency, the membrane of the fat cell is destroyed. Their contents in the form of vesicles fall into the intercellular space. Further, the lymphatic vessels capture and transport them to the liver, where the utilization of fat products occurs.

Ultrasonic cavitation is a cosmetology technique of the latest generation, based on the application of the effect of destruction of fatty tissues under the influence of ultrasound. Unlike operating techniques of similar effectiveness, ultrasonic cavitation has no side effects and complications, leaves no scars, and passes painlessly and comfortably for the patient. The effect of the procedure is amazing. In one hour, ultrasonic cavitation destroys an average of 300 g (1-2 cm) of adipose tissue. Thus, the monthly course of the procedure for the effect is comparable with the operation of liposuction. But at the same time, the result is achieved in a much less risky way, and the price of the procedure is much lower.

As for the advantages over other physiotherapeutic methods, diet or sports, they are quite obvious:

Firstly, ultrasonic cavitation is much more effective.
Secondly, this is a directed action procedure that selectively removes adipose tissue in specific problem areas, and does not affect the entire body.
In addition, the weight is lost naturally and physiologically, which prevents wrinkles and wrinkles on the skin. Ultrasonic cavitation is carried out under the constant supervision of your doctor. After a preliminary examination and consultation, an individual treatment plan is drawn up. Special cosmetics are selected that will help preserve and consolidate the result of the procedure.

Pros and cons of the procedure
The main advantages of ultrasonic cavitation are:

lack of surgical intervention, which means that anesthesia is not required and there will be no scars;
the patient does not feel any unpleasant or painful sensations;
the effect is observed after several sessions;
there is no need for rehabilitation, as the patient after the procedure can immediately return to his usual rhythm of life;
the result is the same as after surgical liposuction.
But like any procedure, ultrasonic cavitation has its drawbacks:

To get rid of significant amounts of body fat, it is necessary to carry out a considerable number of procedures. And since one session is held once a week, it will take some time.
Unpleasant sensations may occur in people who have a high threshold of sensitivity.
Adipose tissue may soon return if a person continues to lead the same way of life. If you overeat and move a little, the adipose tissue will be debugged already in other places and more massive.
Indications and contraindications
The procedure is applied in such cases:

pronounced cellulitis;
body fat in hard to reach and problem areas;
correction after surgical liposuction;
local obesity (for example, on the face in the form of a second chin);
patient’s desire to get rid of body fat without surgery.
But there are times at which the use of ultrasonic liposuction is prohibited or not recommended. These are the following items:

diabetes mellitus, in which the sugar level is difficult to correct (after the procedure, adipose tissue will return again, because the cause of excess weight is diabetes);
impaired liver and kidney function, as they are involved in the disposal and excretion of products of destroyed fat cells;
pregnancy and lactation;
poor blood coagulation, in which there is a risk of clogging of blood vessels by blood clots or the formation of a hematoma;
pathological changes in the skin or the presence of benign neoplasms (moles, papillomas) in the proposed area of ​​exposure.
If for one reason or another it is undesirable to conduct ultrasonic cavitation, we will propose an alternative solution method.

How is ultrasonic cavitation for weight loss
The specialist uses a cavitation apparatus, which has a special nozzle. It prevents the penetration of ultrasonic waves into the deep tissues where the internal organs are located. A gel is applied to the exposure zone, which acts as a conductor of ultrasonic waves. The doctor adjusts the device to the necessary parameters and selects the necessary nozzle. The procedure is very similar to a conventional ultrasound.

If ultrasonic cavitation is carried out for the first time, then a surface peeling is done. This improves the penetration of the gel, and therefore the ultrasonic waves to the fat cells. The duration of exposure to ultrasonic cavitation should not exceed 40 minutes per week.

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