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Ultrasound lipolysis

To solve the problem of local fat deposits, the hardware method – ultrasonic lipolysis – is excellent.

The advantage is that the method is absolutely painless, physiological and very effective, and it allows you to quickly reduce the volume precisely in problem areas!

Types of Lipolysis
Lipolysis is a process aimed at the destruction of fat cells and their removal from the body. To date, the most popular methods are:

ultrasound lipolysis;
injection, which is one of the options for mesotherapy, when the necessary effect is due to the introduction of lipolytics under the skin;
laser lipolysis, including a non-invasive procedure such as cold laser lipolysis.

Ultrasound lipolysis – what is it?
The word “lipolysis” refers to the process of splitting fats. Ultrasound, in this case, exerting an effect on problem areas of the body, creates a vibration that affects the connective tissue, and penetrates further, while affecting the subcutaneous fat.

Under the influence of ultrasonic waves in the fat cells, a cavitation effect occurs, as a result of which tiny air bubbles form. Such bubbles, increasing, as if explode, thereby causing the death of fat cells. Further, the blood takes up the formed substances, and then carries them to the liver, where they are finally decomposed and their complete removal from the body is carried out.

The ultrasonic method has a destructive effect only on fat cells, while not damaging other tissues and not negatively affecting other processes of the body. The efficacy and safety of ultrasound lipolysis are supported by clinical studies.

Despite the safety and painlessness of such a procedure, ultrasonic lipolysis has several limitations:

The presence of a pacemaker.
Age to 18 years.
Hernia in the area of ​​the apparatus.
Oncological neoplasms.
Skin damage.

Advantages and disadvantages of the procedure
The advantages of ultrasonic lipolysis are:

non-invasive nature of the procedure, excluding pain;
lack of rehabilitation period;
high efficiency, the possibility of reducing the volume to 10 cm;
the appearance of a noticeable result already from the second procedure;
uniform effect;
selective action of the procedure, when only fat cells are destroyed, the rest remain intact;
no need to use compression underwear after the procedure;
the duration of the session does not exceed 20 minutes;
concomitant positive effect in the form of strengthening collagen fibers helps to increase skin elasticity, smoothing its relief.
The disadvantages of the procedure include:

a large number of contraindications to the use of this hardware method;
high cost of the procedure;
the need to follow a diet to consolidate the result.

In between the procedures, it is advisable to carry out procedures aimed at the fastest evacuation of fat breakdown products, lymphatic drainage, massage.

The advantage of ultrasonic lipolysis from other hardware methods is that the result is quite stable and you can observe the effect after several procedures. Unlike other hardware techniques, ultrasound lipolysis can be performed up to 4 times a week.

For a more effective result, the doctors of the MELIS Medical Center recommend combining this hardware technique with other correction methods, for example, injection cosmetology.

You really will become two sizes slimmer!

The specifics of the procedure for getting rid of fat in the abdomen and face
Ultrasonic lipolysis is considered one of the most effective non-surgical methods that passively make it possible to get rid of fat deposits in certain areas. In this case, fat cells are removed from the body naturally.

The procedure can be carried out not only in the abdomen or hips. It is also in demand for eliminating fat in the cheeks, chin, neck. In this case, the doctor marks the places of influence with a marker and directs the ultrasonic nozzle to these areas. At the same time, a skin tightening is carried out as an additional bonus, the face contour improves, the anti-aging effect develops.

Patient Reviews

In the vast majority of cases, reviews about ultrasound lipolysis are positive. The effect is especially noticeable in people who do not suffer from overweight, but only want to get rid of unnecessary deposits in some problem areas. As for the rare negative reviews about the procedure, they are explained by the fact that some women expect already after 1 procedure a stunning instant result. But this, of course, is impossible.

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