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LPG massage what is it

Indications and contraindications
Recommended Lpg massage in such cases:

haggard face, swelling;
facial wrinkles;
double chin;
fuzzy contours of the figure and face;
breeches effect;
scars, scars, stretch marks;
uneven skin relief;
fatty layers;
sagging and sagging skin.


chronic diseases on internal organs;
pregnancy and lactation;
diseases of the cardiovascular system;
infectious diseases;
problems with the endocrine system;
damage and wounds on the skin;
viral and colds;

fever or enlarged lymph nodes;
epilepsy or other problems with the nervous system.
In addition, lpg massage is carefully used during menstruation, with cold sores on the face and rosacea. If surgery has been postponed, recovery and healing must undergo, only after that you can resort to lpg massage. Still, you need to follow an individual approach, if there is varicose veins.

Types of lpg massage
Vacuum – similar to a massage procedure with banks. With it, you can eliminate the lack of sagging skin, its sagging, get rid of a double chin.
Vacuum-roller – it affects both vacuum and rollers. The rollers, after capturing certain parts of the body, begin to work, moreover, in different directions. High efficiency when losing weight, leveling reliefs, tightening contours.
Anti-cellulite lpg massage is the most complex, requires the use of a high-quality apparatus and highly qualified specialists. Allows you to eliminate the “orange peel” on any part of the body – stomach, arms, hips, buttocks, chest.

Pros and cons of lpg massage
The advantages of this procedure are a number of factors:

deep effect on muscles and skin;
fast effect and excellent visual result;
the complexity of the effect – cosmetic, wellness, aesthetic;
multi-purpose orientation – tightening the muscle structure, improving the condition of the skin, elimination of toxins and fluids, breakdown of fats;
long lasting effect
universality of the procedure – holding an lpg massage is possible on any parts of the face and body.

As for the shortcomings of the procedure, the presence of contraindications and relatively expensive session prices can be attributed to them.

How is the LPG massage procedure
The apparatus for LPG massage is a modern system, which, when setting the necessary parameters, selects the intensity of exposure to problem areas. This system includes vacuum and deep massage. On the manipulator of the device are special rollers that retract the skin at intervals several times per second.

For massage of the face and body, different nozzles are used.
The LPG procedure can be either intensive, which is aimed at the destruction of body fat, or sparing, with a relaxing effect.


LPG kinds of body massage
All body massage LPG procedures are forbidden without a special suit. Since the suit protects against discomfort during the manipulation of the device with the skin. The costume can be purchased both in our clinic and use your own.

The following types of LPG massage are available:

Lipomassage – eliminates cellulite and reduces body fat. Improves turgor and skin tone and overall skin condition.
Aesthetic massage – reduces excess fatty volumes, models and tightens the contours of the skin, improves its turgor. It is also used in the recovery period after surgical operations, such as liposuction, in order to reduce the rehabilitation period.

Why is LPG massage for men so effective?
Since, in the male half, the process of accumulation of body fat occurs in only a few areas, the LPG option is ideal. Directed LPG massage for men specifically on problem areas and does not require surgical intervention. As a result, the man acquires a tightened abdomen, back, gets a pronounced torso and excellent microcirculation of blood.

For these reasons, LPG therapy is also used in cosmetology and medicine to eliminate many problems and defects:

sagging skin;
varicose veins;
muscle myositis;
consequences of burns.
How often do lpg massage
The duration of the massage course is developed by specialists individually for each patient, taking into account the state of the body and the desired effect.

There are also differences in the frequency and length of the procedure for the face and body:

For lpg-facial massage you need 8-10 procedures (main course), then 4-5 procedures (intermediate course) and several supporting procedures for individual indicators. As for the frequency of procedures, this is twice a week (main course) and once every 2-3 weeks (interim period), once a month – the supporting stage.
For lpg-body massage you need 6-8 sessions, the frequency is three times a week, the next stage is once a week.
The result of the lpg massage is saved for 6-8 months, although this is a relative indicator, since it depends on physical activity, lifestyle.

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