Scar treatment after surgery
Today, patients are much more likely and more boldly turn to plastic surgeons than before. And it is right! Because there are situations where the cosmetologist is already powerless. The…

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Face skin care in the spring
The way out of winter is still stress for the skin of the face. Due to the lack of sun, cold, hypovitaminosis and air “dried” by heating, the face looks…

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Laser Against Hair
In order to individually select the intensity of exposure and prevent a serious burn, modern devices are equipped with adjustable flash power. Also, the effectiveness of the procedure is associated…

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Hand massage

Facial chiromassage is a special massage technique based on special techniques of the classical and oriental massage systems. In this technique, there are no strict canons of chiromassage, the specialist in each case chooses the methods for this procedure.

Facial chiromassage is a facial, neck and décolletage technique that allows you to achieve amazing results. This technique is recommended to solve the following problems:

to relieve facial swelling;
to increase the tone of the skin of the face;
for a facelift;
for the treatment of rosacea;
for smoothing wrinkles.

Result after chiromassage
Hiromassage is a facial massage that improves microcirculation, as a result of which blood circulation improves and skin turgor increases. It promotes the renewal of collagen fibers, changes the course of biochemical processes in tissues, due to which, facial chiromassage can replace some types of plastic surgery.

Hiromassage allows you to achieve the following effects:

smoothes expression lines and reduces the depth of deeper wrinkles;
tightens the oval of the face, reduces wrinkles in the neck and décolleté;
improves skin turgor;
helps to improve water-lipid metabolism and improves blood circulation;
stimulates the regeneration of skin cells;
the skin takes on a fresh and rested appearance;
reduces skin swelling;
protects the skin from premature aging;
chiromassage is a wonderful calming procedure and an excellent remedy for depression.

Relaxing massage – “Harmony of calm”
Massage “Harmony of calm” is a unique soothing treatment. A pleasant touch can relax and start such mechanisms in the body that will certainly give you a rest after busy weekdays.

Relaxing facial massage helps to relieve facial muscles from the load by acting on them, which allows you to tighten the skin and provide a lifting effect, refresh your complexion and improve skin turgor.

Relaxing massage – “Harmony of calm” helps prevent premature skin aging, and tones and stimulates the regeneration of skin cells. In addition, massage activates the internal reserves of the body, enhances performance, increases concentration, relieves depression, restores peace of mind.

Relax massage is recommended for:

Stress conditions
Nervous surge
Emotional and physical fatigue
Chronic fatigue
Frequent colds
Increased muscle tension

To achieve the best effect, the Relaxing Massage procedure includes Nursing treatments to correct existing skin problems.

If you have never been to a relaxation massage procedure, be sure to go at least once. In order to judge something and have an opinion, this must be experienced!

Japanese Kobido Facial Massage

Kobido massage is mentioned in Japanese chronicles dated to the year 1472. For the imperial family, this procedure was commonplace. Passed from generation to generation, secret technology has come down to us.

This massage accelerates the regeneration process not only of skin cells, but also of deeper tissues, relaxes and relieves muscle tension of the face, head and neck, gives a healing and rejuvenating effect. Specialists unanimously talk about the incredible results of Japanese massage Kobido, noting the significant difference between this technique and conventional facial massage. The procedure is deservedly considered one of the most popular in Japanese spas: there, the prices for Japanese Kobido massage reach up to $ 400 per session.

During the massage, the cosmetologist does not work so much with external indicators of the skin – such as color, turgor and skin structure, but draws close attention to the energy flows and the general emotional state of the patient. In Japan, as in China, it is known: the best way to balance the mental and physical state of the body is to harmonize the flow of vital qi energy. But it is precisely in the area of ​​the face that the basic energy meridians are located. In addition, on the face are the most important points at which the transition of energies from one meridian to another takes place.

The procedure activates the acupuncture points of the face, head and neck. Massage Kobid relieves tension, which is daily created in our muscles and tissues, as if removing the usual facial mask and restoring blood circulation.

When Kobido massage is needed:

During treatment procedures for dry or oily skin.
To eliminate acne.
To fight wrinkles.
In therapy aimed at eliminating senile spots.
For headaches.
To treat depression.
Kobido massage is indicated not only as a medical procedure, but also for prevention. The meaning of traditional oriental medicine is precisely that it is always easier to prevent and prevent a problem than to eliminate the consequences.

Scar treatment after surgery
Today, patients are much more likely and more boldly turn to plastic surgeons than before. And it is right! Because there are situations where the cosmetologist is already powerless. The…


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