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A growing number of people are striving for natural, genetically unmodified food, for natural tissues, materials. It is not surprising that the beautiful half of humanity also seeks to use in its arsenal of beauty only natural, natural components, the so-called “biocosmetics”.

Biocosmetics are cosmetics, which include products of plant and animal origin. Most modern cosmetics manufacturers focus on the fact that their composition includes only natural ingredients.

But the main question is what is the amount of these components in a given product. Some cosmetic companies use small additives of any natural ingredients as part of their products, while others build the main production on the basis of NATURAL ingredients.

It is the second product, which not only includes “living” components, but is based on them and is “BIO-COSMETICS”.

The Greek word “bios” means “life”, therefore, biocosmetics – “living cosmetics.”

The entire range of biocosmetics can be divided into two groups – plant and animal origin.

Herbal cosmetics or phytocosmetics include extracts, essential oils, resins and other components extracted from flowers, roots, leaves and fruits.

Many admirers of this cosmetics claim that it acts on the skin more gently than synthetic, because plant cells are similar in structure to the cells of the human body. At the same time, phytocosmetics do not interfere with the processes occurring in the deep layers of the skin, moisturizing, nourishing, strengthening and cleansing only the upper layers of the epidermis.

But phytocosmetics also have some MINUSES. The most important is the high likelihood of an ALLERGY caused by plant components. Another problem is the issue of environmental cleanliness of raw materials.

The statement “natural cannot harm” is also far from the truth.

For example, essential oils can be toxic in case of overdose and comedogenic when not thoroughly cleaned; crushed bones or shells, which are part of some herbal scrubs, can leave microtraumas on the skin and provoke inflammation. So it’s best to consult an experienced cosmetologist before choosing phytocosmetics, who will tell you which is more suitable for you, will take into account the features of your skin.

Animal cosmetics is another area of ​​biocosmetics. It has long been known about the excellent regenerating properties of royal jelly, the stimulating and healing effect of creams with leech extracts, and the excellent penetration of agents containing mink fat or animal sperm. Recently, more and more they talk about the miraculous effect that cell cosmetics promises.

Such agents contain extracts of human or animal embryonic tissues or placenta preparations. Cellular cosmetics operates on two levels, combining the effects of conventional cosmetics with intervention in the underlying processes in the body.

Cosmetics based on natural ingredients have always existed, it was created at home by skillful pharmacists on special orders of ladies from high society. Now elite cosmetics carries the prefix “BIO”, “ECO”, “ORGANIC”. And today biocosmetics are being produced in small laboratories that preserve an individual approach to the client.

Modern manufacturers avoid animal testing and the use of animal material in the manufacture of cosmetics, and also seek to introduce the latest technology in the manufacture and packaging of cosmetics, modern design and the latest fashion trends.

Product quality is necessarily confirmed by the European BIO CERTIFICATE. The ingredients of animal origin in cosmetics are used REDKO due to the lack of strong evidence of their safety and for environmental reasons. In the fight for a healthy lifestyle, all means are good. If you follow not only your diet, but also the nutrition of your skin, you can live long and beautifully.

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