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Graceful curving eyelashes

The charm of female eyes is achieved thanks to luxurious eyelashes, gracefully curved up. What to do if the beautiful lady does not have a natural curving eyelashes that so enchants everyone? Do not despair! There are several methods for framing eyelashes.

Ways to curl eyelashes
Women who want to have eyelashes curved up should decide what method of curling they want to use: using forceps, mascara, perm or heat treatment. What suits one lady is contraindicated in another. Therefore, all these methods have pros and cons. Consider the characteristics of each method of curling eyelashes.

The most popular way to curl your eyelashes is to use curling mascara. This method does not require much effort, additional costs and a great waste of time. Its disadvantages include:

the cost of the carcass: the more expensive and better it is, the steeper the bend is;
the result achieved is short-lived.
Eyelash Curler
Special eyelash curlers are available for sale. Positive in their use is:

the speed of giving the desired bend to the eyelashes;
sparing care for eyelashes, thanks to the material from which the tongs are made.
The disadvantages of the method include:

daily eyelash curling with forceps does not always positively affect their condition: gradually they become weakened and thin, which is unsafe, despite the fact that the eyelash hairs are renewed every 3 months;
wet and humid weather, strong winds can quickly destroy the bent eyelashes;
inaccurate handling of the forceps injures the eyelashes.
Rules for curling eyelashes with tongs
To use eyelash curlers correctly, the following rules must be observed:

Doing this procedure is necessary without rushing. Haste will lead to the fact that when capturing eyelashes at the base, you can pinch the upper eyelid, which is painful;
curl the eyelashes should be BEFORE applying mascara to them, otherwise the eyelashes will become more fragile and brittle;
Before each procedure, the tongs and the iron should be washed with hot water or disinfected with a stream of hot air from the hairdryer;
check the condition of the forceps for the appearance of displacements or various kinds of damage, which can lead to pinching of the eyelashes and their breakage;
if “eyelash fatigue” is detected, temporarily stop their curling, at this time it is useful to conduct a course of treatment with special oils.
It is recommended to curl short eyelashes at the very base, making three short grips, which will give a more lasting result than one long grip. Long eyelashes should be curled along their length, making also three grips. It should be remembered that it is not necessary to clamp the forceps very tightly to prevent eyelash curling from an unnatural angle.

Women who want to curl their eyelashes with a “fan” must observe the following order of movements: the central part of the eyelashes curl up, the eyelashes of the outer edge – towards the temple.

When staining eyelashes, it should be remembered that wet and liquid mascara can straighten them. Therefore, it is best to use thick and dry mascara, which will color the eyelashes well, adding volume to them.

Thermal Eyelash Curler
You can add a flirty bend to your eyelashes using their heat treatment. For this, the cilia are treated with a special device, which, acting on them with a safe temperature, changes their shape, bending up. This method allows you to achieve a more lasting result. Its disadvantage is that the eyelashes remain curled not as long as a woman would like.

Eyelash Perm
To make life easier for beautiful ladies, we recommend that they do long-term perm eyelashes. It is performed by the master, within 40-50 minutes. Eyelashes are wound on a special roller. Then they are processed with the appropriate compounds: the first – to create a curl, the second – to fix it. After that, a nutritious oil composition is applied to the eyelashes.

There are three techniques for chemical curling of eyelashes: complex, root and curl.

The most popular is a complex perm, which not only gives the eyelashes a bend, but also makes them visually long and voluminous.

Using this procedure:

even the shortest and most straight eyelashes curl;
a visual increase in the density and length of the eyelashes is achieved, making the look deep and expressive;
the desired effect is provided for three months.
If this procedure is combined with dyeing of eyelashes, it will be possible to refuse to use mascara, which significantly saves time and money.

Perm eyelashes – a procedure that does not cause harm, unless, of course, it is performed by an experienced master. In addition, eyelash bending made by this method does not prevent the wearing of lenses or glasses, mascara tinting, visiting the pool, sauna, etc.

The disadvantages of perm eyelashes include:

the appearance during the procedure of a slight burning sensation in the eyes, indicating that it is performed by an inexperienced master.

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