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Laser rejuvenation without risk!
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Collagen therapy
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Plasma lifting

The results of plasma therapy after use

Since the procedure allows you to start the natural recovery processes at the cellular level, it is actively used in the treatment of hair loss. Plasma therapy for hair is a unique procedure that has no analogues. In addition, the plasma therapy technique is often used to treat acne, restore skin after peeling, resurfacing and during rehabilitation after plastic surgery. The “rejuvenation” process is usually presented simply as nourishing the skin. Thanks to this nutrition, the skin is renewed, and a person begins to look younger, but aging does not slow down. The method of plasma therapy is different: the skin begins to regenerate naturally. First of all, the amount of moisture and oxygen contained in the skin increases. Ultimately, she not only looks young from the outside, but also functions like young skin.

There are practically no contraindications to the plasma therapy procedure, and therefore this procedure is one of the safest methods. A plasma therapy for hair and face is very effective.

The main result of the plasma therapy procedure is the return of the natural beauty of the skin or hair:

Improving complexion;
Skin softening and elasticity;
Elimination of hair loss;
Moisturizing the skin, regulating the water balance of the skin of the face;
Elimination and reduction of wrinkles;
Slowing down skin aging and enhancing skin regeneration processes;
Prevention of the appearance of stretch marks;
Elimination of age spots;

About the procedure

plasma therapy is a completely new technique that has revolutionized the correction of age-related changes in facial skin, the treatment of acne and hair loss!

At the moment, the plasma therapy procedure is a unique opportunity to change the regeneration processes, improve them, and make the skin renew from the inside. Since everything that is most valuable in our blood (collagen, elastin, vitamins, microelements) enters directly into the skin and triggers rejuvenation and restoration processes in it.

Since plasma therapy can solve a number of problems, it is becoming increasingly widespread. For the plasma therapy procedure, the use of chemicals is not necessary, which is a convenient, most effective and safe method.

Application of the plasma therapy procedure:

Age-related skin changes
With age, the skin becomes more dull and dry, acquires an uneven tone, wrinkles appear. There are many tools to combat the signs of aging, but not everyone is ready to go under the surgeon’s knife.

skin plasma therapy is one of the most “natural” and safe procedures, since the plasma therapy technique is based on the introduction of its plasma. Facial plasma therapy allows not only modeling contours, but also has a powerful anti-aging effect at the cellular level, since plasma enriched with platelets promotes stem cell growth and collagen production.

The result of facial plasmotherapy:

The color improves and the face contour is modeled;
Small wrinkles are smoothed out;
The skin becomes smoother, shiny.
To enhance the effect, skin plasma therapy is best done in courses from 2 to 6 procedures. Doctors at the Melis Medical Center suggest combining the plasma therapy with mesotherapy.

Hair loss treatment
If you suffer from hair loss, then it is better not to delay the treatment – it will be more effective. Therefore, at the first signs of hair loss, it is necessary to consult a trichologist. There are many procedures in cosmetology that enhance the regenerative properties of the skin. But plasmotherapy is unique in that it is absolutely safe for health. hair plasmotherapy is an injection procedure used in trichology to improve hair growth and stop its active loss. hair plasmotherapy returns shine, elasticity and density to the hair, as this technique improves the quality of the hair shaft and scalp.

The result of hair plasma therapy:

active hair loss slows down and stops;
the death of hair follicles stops;
hair grows more intensively;
there is a normalization of the secretion of the sebaceous glands;
dandruff and the bacteria causing it disappear;
after the completion of a series of procedures, the hair visibly thickens, their structure and diameter normalize, and new hair regrowth is stimulated.

Acne Treatment
Acne is an inflammation of the sebaceous glands, which manifests itself in the form of acne, pustules, comedones, oily sheen. Plasma therapy injections trigger an instant cell division process. Local immunity increases, intercellular metabolism accelerates in tissues. As a result, acne disappears, the work of the sebaceous glands normalizes, and the skin acquires radiance and becomes an even beautiful color. Doctors at the Melis Clinic recommend combining skin plasma therapy with complex cosmetic cosmetology sessions and hardware cosmetology.

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