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Plasma lifting of the face and hair: how is the plasma lifting procedure

What cosmetologists do not offer to make us younger and more beautiful. One of the most modern techniques for this is plasmolifting. The procedure can remove wrinkles, acne and age spots from the face, and also helps to defeat baldness. And the secret of the impressive results of plasmolifting is not in complex technologies and supernovae, but in a test tube with our own blood.

What is plasmolifting?
Few people know that Russian scientists developed the method of “hyped” plasmolifting all over the world. First, they introduced innovation in maxillofacial surgery to accelerate the healing of wounds after operations and injuries, and then they began to apply plasmolifting in cosmetology and trichology. The essence of the procedure is that a person is injected with his own blood taken from a vein. “We’ve already seen it somewhere,” – those who happened to undergo autohemotherapy will think – injections of their blood from a vein into the buttock. Doctors have been using this therapy for a long time to increase the patient’s immunity and accelerate the victory over inflammatory diseases. But unlike autohemotherapy, only plasma (the liquid part of the blood) and platelet cells are used during plasmolifting.
How does plasmolifting work?
Why did you choose this “duet” for plasmolifting? Plasma contains everything you need for healthy skin (water, proteins and amino acids, hormones, nutrients, etc.), and platelets help to quickly restore tissue in case of damage. Once a person gets hurt, these cells are already “honking”: urgent regeneration is needed! To quickly eliminate the damage, platelets secrete prothrombin and growth factors – tissues are restored. The same thing happens when a plasma with a high platelet content is injected into the skin: the body reacts to it as a wound and urgently begins to generate new cells. Plus, the production of collagen, elastin, hyaluronic acid is enhanced, new capillaries in the dermis are actively growing. And the main culprits of aging – dehydration and oxygen starvation of cells – are eliminated. This is necessary to make the skin more elastic, smooth and fresh.

Plasma lifting for face and hair
And although plasmolifting is used in various fields (in dentistry, gynecology), this technique is best “accustomed to” by cosmetologists.

“Plasmolifting is an excellent tool for the prevention of the first age-related skin changes that women notice after 25 years,” says dermatocosmetologist Irina Filimonova. – This method is also good for older ladies: after a course of procedures, fine and shallow wrinkles are smoothed out, skin color and turgor improve, dryness disappears. In adulthood, when the signs of aging are already very pronounced, plasmolifting is more effective in combination with other procedures. ”

By the way, plasmolifting will help out not only those who want to “throw off” several years, but also those who struggle with age spots and acne. Acne, inflammation and congestive spots from them, enlarged pores, scars – plasma injections will help get rid of this. Also, plasmolifting is used to prepare the face for peeling or laser procedures and as a means of rehabilitation after them.

Plasmolifting was also adopted by trichologists: the technique is used to treat baldness, dandruff and seborrhea.
Advantages of plasmolifting:

plasmolifting “triggers” the natural rejuvenation of the skin in the deep layers

visible result is achieved without surgical and other radical interventions

plasmolifting gives a “cumulative” effect: conditions are created for the growth of new skin cells, so the result will be noticeable even if the course of procedures is completed a long time ago

the procedure is less traumatic and safe. The risk of allergies and unwanted immune reactions after plasmolifting is minimal, because plasma and cells are their own

plasmolifting does not require rehabilitation

the technique is well combined with other procedures

plasmolifting can be performed on any area of ​​the face, as well as in the decollete, neck, hands, etc.

Plasmolifting also has disadvantages: soreness (injections are not the most pleasant procedure) and a high price.

Plasmolifting procedure
From point “A” to point “B”, plasma with platelets is delivered in several stages. 10–40 ml of blood is taken from a vein (approximately the same amount as in conventional tests) and centrifuged in a special apparatus. A “centrifuge” divides the blood into three fractions – upper, lower and middle, rich in platelets. This part of the blood is immediately drawn into a syringe and injected into the skin. Injections with plasmolifting are less painful than with mesotherapy: blood pH is neutral.

How many plasmolifting procedures should be performed?
– The course of plasmolifting, as a rule, fits into 4 procedures. They are carried out with an interval of 10-14 days, ”Irina Filimonova explains. – If we talk about facial skin, then noticeable results – an improvement in skin tone and color, a small lifting – appear about two weeks after the first procedure. To consolidate the effect after a course of procedures, I advise you to undergo “supportive” plasma lifting once a month.

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