Cosmetology for men
For a very long time it was customary to believe that only women should take care of their appearance and keep themselves in good shape. But in recent years, representatives…

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How to remove the second chin
Each woman wishes to preserve for a long time the beauty, youth and health of the skin of the face and body. But, unfortunately, you can’t spend nature, and age-related…

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How to remove the second chin
Each woman wishes to preserve for a long time the beauty, youth and health of the skin of the face and body. But, unfortunately, you can’t spend nature, and age-related…

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Laser hair removal and laser rejuvenation

Modern technology does not stand still. Today, few people will be surprised by the latest procedures using nano-technologies and a laser. Last – in the market of cosmetic services is one of the first places. Both in popularity and in effectiveness. With the help of a light beam of a certain wavelength, you can remove hair and increase skin tone. First things first.

Laser hair removal
Laser hair removal is a modern highly effective procedure that allows you to get rid of all types of hair: light, dark, fluffy and even gray.

Indications for laser hair removal:

unwanted hair (in different areas – arms, legs, back, face, bikini area)
hirsutism – the growth of long pigmented hair in women on the chin, above the upper lip, on the legs and chest.
hypertrichosis – excessive hair growth on areas of the skin that are unusual for sex and age

There are practically no contraindications and restrictions. Laser hair removal can be done both in winter and in summer. Relative contraindications are: pregnancy, skin diseases in the acute stage, the presence of skin lesions.

laser hair removal

An important point – laser hair removal should be carried out in a course. And do not believe the one who says that one procedure once and for all will save you from unwanted vegetation! The explanation is simple – all hair is in different phases of development – some are actively growing, others are still in hibernation. At each stage of laser hair removal, the next batch of “woken up” hair that has entered the stage of active growth is removed. As a result, at the end of the course, most of the hair follicles are destroyed, and unwanted hair growth stops for a long period of time.

The course of procedures is determined individually (from 3 to 4 sessions (for hair growth on the upper lip) to 6 to 8 procedures (for hair growth in the bikini area)). Procedures are carried out, on average, once every 2 weeks. Effect – hair loss within 2 weeks after the procedure. A recovery period is not required. The procedure of laser hair removal can be done both on the eve of vacation, and immediately after. Tanned skin is not an obstacle to smooth and velvety skin.

hair removal in men

Laser rejuvenation
Laser rejuvenation is a term that includes a combination of deep and surface laser techniques aimed at renewing the skin (epidermis and deep layers of the dermis), with the goal of preventing and treating age-related changes. Deep laser rejuvenation is the most effective non-surgical facelift today.

It is worth noting that laser rejuvenation procedures can not only be used in cases where the skin has lost its young and healthy appearance, has become flabby, with many small, medium and large wrinkles. The laser is actively recommended for ages from 30 years. This is the period when it is possible to actively prevent age-related changes and delay skin aging for a longer period.

The laser energy, without breaking the epidermis, penetrates into the deeper layers, promotes the compaction of collagen fibers, stimulates the synthesis of new natural (own) collagen and, therefore, provides a visible effect of skin rejuvenation and lifting (strengthening your collagen skin frame). Each subsequent action enhances the result and improves skin condition. For several sessions, it is possible to completely renew the collagen skeleton of the skin and rejuvenate, on average, for 10 years.

An important point – depending on the initial condition of the facial skin, it is recommended that 4-6 laser rejuvenation sessions are carried out with an interval of 1 month. In addition, the procedure has an excellent effect for the prevention of age-related changes and rejuvenation of the eyelids.

After taking a course of procedures for a very long time – at least for 5 years, your skin will look much more elastic, supple and toned. You will notice the pronounced effect of lifting (skin tightening), wrinkles will be smoothed out, the oval of the face will become more even, the contour is tightened. To achieve the maximum effect, you can supplement the course of deep rejuvenation procedures with 1 or 2 procedures aimed at the upper layers of the skin to ensure a healthy complexion, radiance, smoothness, velvety.

It is worth noting that the deep laser rejuvenation procedure is completely painless. There is no recovery period, you do not have to recover for a long time and lose social activity. This procedure took its place in the group of “weekend procedures”.

In addition, the change will also be gradual, others will not notice the sharp unnatural rejuvenation that occurs after plastic surgery and other radical procedures. Therefore, deep rejuvenation is suitable for those patients who do not want someone to know that they have resorted to any anti-aging procedures. And also to those who are afraid of various kinds of “injections of youth” (fillers, biorevitalization, mesotherapy).

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