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- What is the special feature of the Smart Xide DOT CO2 laser system and how does it work? - Its peculiarity is that in one session it is possible…

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Modern technology does not stand still. Today, few people will be surprised by the latest procedures using nano-technologies and a laser. Last - in the market of cosmetic services is…

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Beauty no longer requires sacrifice? New in anti-age cosmetology

Of course, anti-age cosmetology is relevant, first of all, for patients who have crossed a certain age limit. And, above all, for women. Tell me, does your cosmetologist take into account the fact that the patient is in the premenopausal or menopausal period?

E. Kangun: Of course, in the process of counseling and prescribing a specific program for a patient of any age, cosmetologists often ask a woman to visit a gynecologist, endocrinologist, endocrinologist and take tests for hormonal status. This is done without fail for patients of the pre- and menopausal period and according to indications at a younger age, since the state of the endocrine glands and, accordingly, the content of certain hormones, especially female genitalia, greatly affect both the general condition and even the mood of a woman, and the condition of the skin, hair, connective tissue, bones. This is all reflected in the appearance. There are procedures that may be less effective in some hormonal conditions, others, on the contrary, more.
How do you feel about hormone replacement therapy?

E. Kangun: Very good. I think this should be done. Moreover, there are different formats for the cosmetological struggle with a lack of hormones – there are a lot of drugs with phytoestrogens, biologically active additives can be used. But all these processes proceed very individually, and therefore a doctor’s consultation is required. However, this applies to many other aspects of the body. Today, we are not working in cosmetology without a medical approach. For example, take the problem of hair loss. The reasons can be a lot – from poisoning by vapors of heavy metals that a person encounters during work or at home, to a stressful change in immune and hormonal status. Therefore, first we identify the true cause of the problem – we conduct laboratory studies of hair, skin and the body as a whole. And then we correct the treatment. You can, of course, apply a mask, do makeup, hair, but beauty and harmony are, first of all, the internal state and health of a person. And when there is a health problem, and they all happen to us, it’s difficult to achieve an external healthy gloss.

Please tell us about your “gold standard” of cosmetic procedures, which of the whole spectrum of possibilities of modern cosmetology, in your opinion, deserve the best reputation?

E. Kangun: I want to note right away that everything is very individual, and even the best procedure may not be suitable for a particular person. However, I can highlight a number of technologies with which the greatest number of positive results were obtained. Hyaluronic acid has been and remains an unprecedented leader – both in the form of a mesodrug and in the form of a filler. The second number, I would probably call botulinum. Botulinum therapy is also able to solve multitasks – this is the fight against hyperhidrosis, expression wrinkles, and even in neurology, botulinum toxin preparations are increasingly used to treat muscle hypertonicity and everything related to it.

In the history of hardware techniques, breakthroughs have also been made, for example, the Ulthera System is an ultrasound device that acts on the surface-muscle aponeurotic layer and allows you to get a powerful lifting effect. Fractional thermolysis, known to many under the name Fraxel, – this laser technique has a lot of fans today, both among specialists and among patients. Peelings are also worthy of attention, primarily because today there are a lot of varieties, and depending on the task, we can choose the substance that will be most suitable for a particular patient. Hard phenol peels that expose the basal layer of the skin have sunk into oblivion, after which the patient was forced to undergo a lengthy rehabilitation. Now we make soft peels with different types of acids, sparing and more physiological in action.

How do you feel about peptides in cosmetology?

E. Kangun: Great. We have on sale cosmetics with peptides, including for home use Cell Fusion C. Moreover, we do peptide peeling from the same line, well, and, of course, we offer peptides in mesotherapeutic preparations.
What new triumph clinic can offer in perfecting the body?

E. Kangun: Not so long ago we acquired a vibration platform. This technique came to us from the field of space exploration, with its help they train astronauts, but for you and me it has proved to be very effective. The fact is that the effect of exercises done with the participation of vibration is much higher than that of ordinary gymnastics. Vibro-platform helps to tone muscles, tighten them along with body contours, develop flexibility and improve stretching. For 30-40 minutes, not even training in the full sense of the word, but rather a series of static poses, people achieve amazing results.

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