Rejuvenation of the skin around the eyes
The most common problem addressed to our center is the area around the eyes: a fine mesh of wrinkles, swelling, decreased skin turgor, crow's feet. Unfortunately, this area is the…

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Facial fitness: anti-wrinkle and second chin exercises
Wrinkles, second chin, creases on the neck. “It's time to end this!”, The heroines from the advertisement for face creams strongly declare. But you can’t help with cream alone. It…

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Jewelry on the teeth
Women adorn themselves almost from the first days of the existence of mankind on Earth. They wear earrings, bracelets, necklaces and pendants, do hairstyles and makeup. It turns out that…

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Laser rejuvenation without risk!

– What is the special feature of the Smart Xide DOT CO2 laser system and how does it work?
– Its peculiarity is that in one session it is possible to influence skin defects, scars after acne, stretch marks, postoperative scars and signs of aging: wrinkles, sagging skin, which is economically beneficial for the patient. For delicate areas such as the neckline, neck, and eyelids, the laser is a 100 percent “gold standard” compared to other rejuvenation methods.

– What is laser rejuvenation and what is the essence of this method?
– The essence of the method of fractional laser rejuvenation is the formation with the help of a laser nozzle on the skin surface of the micro-sites of damage of a certain depth and diameter, which is controlled by the doctor, their quick healing and the formation of new collagen, elastin and hyalouranic acid, and as a result of a qualitative renewal of the deep and surface layers of the skin. Thus, in one procedure, up to 30% of old skin is removed.

– What results can be achieved with laser rejuvenation?
skin texture is leveled;

removes the upper keratinous layer of the skin and refreshes the face;

due to the effect on the inner layers of the skin, it promotes its pronounced densification, tightening and rejuvenation;

defects (pigmentation, scars, stretch marks) and signs of aging (wrinkles, sagging skin) are removed;

When exposed to the eyelid region, excess skin is removed, and you get the result of blepharoplasty without surgery;

The result is visible after rehabilitation (3-5 days) and lasts up to 3 years;

With an optimal course of 4 procedures, the old collagen skeleton is completely replaced with a new one.

– Is laser rejuvenation safe?
– Laser rejuvenation uses the action of infrared rays. In nature, the skin is constantly exposed to infrared rays, unlike, for example, acids used in peels, which indicates the physiological nature of the method.

The method is safe and does not have a systemic effect on internal organs.

– At what age can laser rejuvenation procedures be carried out?
– Treatment is carried out strictly according to indications, because at the same age the skin in two different patients may differ. If it is stretch marks, scars after acne or surgery, then the skin should be affected as soon as possible. As for skin rejuvenation, such procedures can be carried out already at the first signs of aging (wrinkles, decreased skin elasticity), more often after 30 years. But the best effect is observed in women under 55 years old, when the skin already has age-related changes, but is still able to recover.

– Do I need preparation before laser rejuvenation?
– It is desirable since The chromophore (conductor) for the laser is water. More often we use biorevitalization to deeply moisturize the skin, less often – mesotherapy with amino acids to stimulate the production of our own collagen. If the skin is porous, oily – preparation is optional.

– How long is the rehabilitation period and how long does it take to stay at home?
– Usually, our patients plan a procedure on the eve of their weekend. Indeed, within 2-3 days it is advisable to be at home. Swelling, redness, and pitted scrubs are rejected on the 4th – 6th day. After 3 days, you can use decorative cosmetics.

– When are the first results with laser rejuvenation visible?
– A noticeable result occurs after the 2-3rd session, and the final one – 1-2 months after the full course of procedures. With each month, the effect increases and lasts up to 3 years, subject to regular support of 1-2 sessions per year.

– Is laser rejuvenation effective after 60 years, maybe it is better to make plastic?
– Of course, in adulthood, the skin becomes thinner, atrophies, becomes covered with a network of wrinkles and sags, and it has less energy to recover. In such cases, we use special programs to rejuvenate mature skin. The impact is more pronounced and the rehabilitation period is extended to 10 days. But the effect is worth it! In such patients, no classical cosmetic procedure brings such a result as fractional rejuvenation. More can be achieved only with plastic surgery, but this is a high risk, and with laser correction it is practically nonexistent. Facial expression does not change, and your face will remain yours!

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