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Facial fitness: anti-wrinkle and second chin exercises

Wrinkles, second chin, creases on the neck. “It’s time to end this!”, The heroines from the advertisement for face creams strongly declare. But you can’t help with cream alone. It is necessary to “pump over” the muscles of the face. Here are three simple techniques that will make you fresh and younger in a few minutes a day.

The essence of “facial” fitness is to tighten and train the muscles that we usually do not use and relax those that we constantly strain. The cream cannot do this, but it will work better on the skin “warmed up” by the exercises. Apply cream after facial recharging. It can be done in the morning or evening after washing. If you don’t be lazy and skip “training”, after 3-4 weeks you can admire the refreshed skin.

Pilates for the face
Well strengthens the muscles that we do not indulge in attention in everyday life. To work them out, four lessons per week for 5-7 minutes are enough. Just take your time and carefully complete each exercise. There are only six of them in the complex from the French cosmetologist Chantal Lehmann. The author advises starting the workout this way: straighten your back, raise your head, lower your shoulders and take 5 deep breaths, exhale.

Against the “crow’s feet”
Close your eyes, relax your face and eyelids. Hold your breath and try to squint your eyes closed to your nose. Count to 5. Slowly open your eyes, look in front of you. Repeat exercise 5-10 times.

Against the second chin
Extend the sound “xs” so that your mouth spreads out into a wide smile. Feel your neck muscles tighten? Keep a smile for 5 seconds. Relax your mouth and say a long “o” on a long exhale. Repeat 5 times.

Another exercise for the chin is head rotation. Slowly turn your head first clockwise, then counterclockwise (3-5 times in each direction). Tilt your neck forward, backward and sideways so that it does not cause discomfort.

To increase skin firmness
Close your mouth and puff out your cheeks like a hamster. Press lightly on your cheeks with your index fingers (do not open your mouth), hold out for 5 seconds. Exhale! Repeat exercise 5-10 times.

For a clear oval face
Place your palms on your cheekbones and spread your elbows to the side. You should feel the chewing muscles under the base of your palm. Relax the lower jaw, rotate it first clockwise, then counter-clockwise. And so – a couple of minutes.

Against nasolabial folds
Open your mouth wide. Pronounce the vowels loudly and clearly: “a”, “o”, “u”, “s”. Repeat several times.

Face yoga
Japanese Fumiko Takatsu, the author of the Face Yoga exercise package, claims that with the help of her gymnastics she returned to the face the symmetry lost due to the injury. “A few months after class, I saw myself in the mirror before the disaster,” Takatsu says. “The oval of the face tightened, wrinkles smoothed out.” Sounds tempting, right?

Smooth forehead
Fist your hands together. Lean them against your forehead so that the knuckles of the middle and index fingers are in the center. Press them on the forehead and, without weakening the pressure, spread fists to the temples. Press your knuckles slightly on your temples. Repeat 4 times.

Exercise will help relieve tension from the muscles of the forehead and prevent the appearance of wrinkles.

Tighten the neck
Fold your lips in a “tube” and pull to the right so that tension is felt in the left cheek. Then lift your chin 45 degrees and turn your head to the right. Feel how tight your neck is on the left side? Hold this position for three seconds. Repeat the exercise. Then the same thing – to the left.

Exercise will allow you to maintain clear contours of the oval of the face and protect against double chin.

Smooth the nasolabies
Put your palms on the whiskey and lightly press on them. Bring your palms up while tightening your skin. Open your mouth as if to say “oh.” Now open your mouth as wide as possible and linger for 5 seconds. Do the exercise a couple more times.

Tighten the eyelids
Straighten, lower your shoulders. Raise your right hand up. Then put your fingertips on the left temple so that the index is on the temple itself, and the nameless is at the tip of the eyebrow. Gently pull the skin while pulling it.

Without bending your back, rest your head on your right shoulder. Stay in this position for 4-5 seconds, calmly breathe through your mouth. Repeat the exercise with your left hand.

Three-minute anti-aging massage
French cosmetologist Joel Siocco recommends this simple massage to all his clients. Among them – film star Monica Bellucci and sophisticated Renata Litvinova. Maybe we should listen to the Frenchwoman?

Syokko advises massage on cleansed skin and after it apply cream or serum. For each movement you need to take a minute (you can and more if you want). If you do massage every day, the skin will become more fresh and supple, small wrinkles will be smoothed out.

We stimulate the lymph flow
Lymph is a fluid that removes toxins from the body. If you activate the lymphatic flow, swelling will decrease, and the complexion will become fresher.

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