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Face skin care in the spring

The way out of winter is still stress for the skin of the face. Due to the lack of sun, cold, hypovitaminosis and air “dried” by heating, the face looks depressing by the beginning of spring. Dehydrated skin peels, oily, “rebels” against the usual care products. Even small wrinkles lie deeper. Well, time to take action!

Although not too early for the seasonal “restructuring”? The real spring in Krasnoyarsk has not yet arrived. But the body has its own guidelines: let it be fresh in the winter, and the daylight hours increase! The longer the day, the more active the production of sex hormones. And the higher the level of testosterone, the more sebum is released. This is only to the advantage of those who have been tormented by dryness and peeling all winter, and it is completely inappropriate for owners of oily and combination skin. Hello, oily sheen, inflammation and enlarged pores with black dots!

We cleanse the skin gently
Seasonal troubles are not a reason to fanatically “scrub”, clean and dry a frisky face. Indeed, even oily skin in the beginning of spring becomes more sensitive, vulnerable. Its protective barrier is easily broken by aggressive scrubs and peels (the latter must be said goodbye until the fall). Instead, choose gommazhi – scrubs with soft particles and peeling rolls. Just do not overdo it with the removal of dead cells: use gommage a couple of times a week, and then if there is no inflammation on the skin. Fight pimples pointwise, otherwise anti-inflammatory lotions and gels will dry the skin. And this will only increase sebum secretion.

Masks made of quality blue, green or pink clay and essential oils will help get rid of rashes. Lavender, tea tree, clove, juniper, cedar oil will dry the inflammation, ylang-ylang and bergamot will narrow the pores, and lemon and grapefruit oil will lighten acne spots. Before adding the essential oil to the “clay” mixture, make sure that you are not allergic to it. How to conduct an individual intolerance test is written in the instructions for the oil.

We help the skin get rid of excess
Rashes and oily sheen in spring do not prevail, but a dull, earthy complexion is about many. No wonder: in the winter we eat mostly something fatty-carbohydrate, move less, and without good blood circulation there is no healthy glow. In addition, by spring, cellular immunity decreases, metabolic processes in the skin are inhibited. And processed substances, which we call toxins, have more chances to linger in the skin. No, they do not accumulate there in exorbitant amounts, but are removed from the skin somewhat more slowly.

A simple and enjoyable way to remove toxins to clean water is to go to the bathhouse or sauna. After warming up in a steam room, toxins are retreated along with copious sweat. And skin cells will be saturated with nutrients and oxygen. Soft peeling treatments and massage enhance the effect.

Pinch, slide – massage!
Speaking of massage. A course of manual lymphatic drainage massage or Jacquet massage will be very helpful in early spring. Procedures will relieve edema, improve blood microcirculation – and here it is, a fresh, rested face! If it is not possible to take a massage course in the salon, try to master these techniques yourself. The “trick” of lymphatic drainage massage is in short sliding pressures with the pads of the thumb and forefinger. “Walk” them on the sides of the neck, rise higher, massage behind the ears, around the eyes, in the center of the eyebrows and at the temples. Repeat each light pressure three times.

The massage also involves the thumb and forefinger. Only here they do not press, but pinch and “peck” the skin. Pinch the skin with two fingers as deep as possible without stretching it. Walk with quick tweaks all over your face and especially carefully along the contours. And so that your fingers do not slip, massage on “dry” skin, without cream.

Protect from age spots
With the return of the active sun (it is already in March even on cloudy days), old pigment spots may “appear” on the skin. Do not give them a chance! Switch to cream or powder / tone with a sun protection factor of 30 units or more. Means with such protection are also needed for those who suffer from rosacea and rosacea, after salon cosmetic procedures. And SPF 15 in cosmetics since spring is a mandatory minimum for everyone.
Be careful: some substances in home care (vitamin A, C, essential oils of citrus, rosemary, levzea) enhance photosensitization – the sensitivity of the skin to ultraviolet rays. Tools with such components are best used at night. And if you apply them every day, protect your face with powder or tone with an SPF of at least 20.

Choosing Light Textures
In early spring, the skin can “rebel” against creams and products that went off with a bang in the winter. But do not rush to radically change care. Give your face a couple of days to “rest” from any cream. Nutrient dense products are better replaced with a lighter cream, serum, gel. The main thing is that the skin has enough moisture.

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