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Collagen therapy

Every year, new methods of combating aging and skin defects appear on the cosmetology market. Today, there are many methods of rejuvenation, but medical technologies annually present to the world more and more miracles. One of the latest developments for facial rejuvenation and the treatment of scars and scars, as well as stretch marks, is collagen therapy, the use of which relates to the non-surgical technique of rejuvenation.

About Method

Collagen therapy is an injection method for the correction of skin defects and age-related changes, based on the introduction of collagen material into the skin that is as similar as possible to human natural protein. Collagen is the main building block of connective tissue and is responsible for the smoothness, elasticity, firmness and overall tone of the skin. The youthfulness of the skin completely depends on the state of collagen and those cells that synthesize it. With age, changes occur in all structures and tissues of a person, including the natural process of replacing the “old” collagen with “new”, the structure of the connective tissue is weakened, and the skin begins to age.

Collagen therapy is one of the most effective treatments for scars and acne. The method is based on the introduction of an intradermal collagen complex of the Collost ™ gel. Gel Collost injections from scars allow you to see the result after a couple of applications and the skin becomes much smoother than before using the procedure. Also, the gel is effective for the treatment of scars after acne.

Kollost ™
Over the past 40 years, interest in collagen-based preparations has been constantly growing and has been accompanied by significant progress in the study of its structure, biochemistry and properties.

For cosmetic purposes, Kollost gel is used for various pathological conditions of the skin and the presence of age-related changes and is used:

For the treatment of skin scars, such as:
atrophic scars
acne scar treatment
To eliminate stretch marks;
For the correction of wrinkles, both deep and superficial (elimination of crow’s feet);
To reduce the rehabilitation period after various types of peeling, dermabrasion and plastic surgery;
To increase skin elasticity.
Kollost ™ is a unique sterile collagen biomaterial based on purified natural collagen that enhances tissue regeneration by activating the synthesis of its own collagen. As a result, the skin becomes more elastic and elastic, the signs of aging improve markedly, the oval of the face becomes clearer.

The unique patented Collost ™ material technology (Patent No. 2353397) was awarded the Big Gold Medal in Medicine at the XXIII International Exhibition of Inventors in Geneva, Switzerland and was awarded a special jury prize.

The use of the drug Kollost ™ in cosmetology
For cosmetic purposes, Kollost ™ gel is used for various pathological conditions of the skin and the presence of age-related changes. Kollost ™ is especially effective for the treatment of skin scars.

Age-related skin changes

Collagen contained in the composition of Kollost ™ gel promotes skin regeneration, improves its density and strength characteristics, and stabilizes the intercellular space. At the injection site of the Kollost ™ gel, young own collagen fibers begin to form.

Stretch Mark Treatment
Many women after childbirth are concerned about the problem of how to remove stretch marks on the abdomen after childbirth, but do not want to resort to a resurfacing procedure that does not completely solve this problem. Some also ask how to remove stretch marks after a sharp change in weight.

The introduction of the Kollost ™ gel directly into the correction area provides the effect of immediate mechanical filling, helps to smooth the skin relief and activate the process of forming a new skin skeleton based on the synthesis of its own collagen fibers in the skin. As a result, stretch marks become invisible and similar to surrounding healthy skin. The procedure has been successfully used to treat both recent and “old” stretch marks.

Scar treatment
Scars occur as a result of wound healing and represent a newly formed connective tissue at the site of damage to the skin and deeper tissues. Gel Kollost ™ helps replenish collagen lost by the skin in the area of ​​scars. If you are faced with the problem of how to remove facial scars, including the treatment of acne scars, then collagen therapy is a great solution. After injection of the Kollost ™ gel, the scar is mechanically filled and the skin surface is leveled.

The benefits of collagen therapy

Replenishes lost collagen and stimulates the formation of your own collagen;
High degree of reliability – 6 years in the market of cosmetic products;
Low frequency of side effects, a high degree of safety due to an allergy test, which eliminates an allergic reaction;
The formula has no analogues in the Russian market;
The optimum ratio of price and quality;
One of the best non-surgical alternatives to plastic surgery.

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